Activating Your Intuition to Make Decisions

Activating Your Intuition to Make Decisions

Have you ever been in a situation where you just know that you know that something isn’t right? You see red flags all around you and you don’t know why but you just know that something is wrong.

You might feel this way after you went on a date with someone, or you might go into work and find that something about a project that is being offered isn’t sitting well with you. You might even get a feeling that you should take the highway instead of the back roads on your way to work.

All of the things that you feel inside of you are considered your internal voice or your intuition. This helps you to learn to pay attention and to help you to get the answers right. The feelings that you have are things that are normally not easy to explain but when you have these feelings, you need to listen.

Intuition can be something that is giving you information. When you have to make a decision, this is part of logic and intuition that you use.

You need to learn to listen to your intuition and you can do this by opening up your mind and your thoughts and by letting your senses help to give you information on what you need to do.

Your intuition is always inside of you. This is something that will show up at certain times such as in a meeting, at a party or even when you are driving. Sometimes you don’t listen to your intuition because you are afraid that it is wrong, or you are second guessing yourself but remember that fear holds you back.

There are situations where your brain or your intuition will tell you not to do something or to go somewhere else. Your brain will try to fight against this sometimes and will tell you that everything is oaky but as you learn to trust your intuition you will see that it can help you to make good choices and to be strong and safe.

Is This the Right Answer?

When you are dealing with your intuition, you need to listen to what it is telling you. If you are asking, “should I or shouldn’t I go?” then the energy of your intuition will be there to help you. You can use these feelings and you can see if this is something that is right for you or not.

Yes, or no?

When you want to do something, you will usually know right away if it is right for you. Your intuition will help you to decide on things that you aren’t sure about. If you decide right away that you are going to do something, chances are that this is something that is good for you, but it can also go the other way. You may decide that something is definitely not right for you, and you will automatically say no.

Intuition will show up when you aren’t sure about what you should do, and you question if it is something good for your or not.

Intuition Moments of Win

Think about the times that your intuition has come out and worked for you. Your intuition tells you to say yes to going to coffee with someone and you meet someone that ends up changing your life for the good or your intuition tells you not to miss a big meeting and you get a promotion.

Anytime that you are hearing something tell you to do or not to do something, listen and pay attention. You can even write these things down and look at them later so that you can see how your intuition has helped and guided you.

Look Back at Your Decision

Take time to look back at a decision that you made based on your intuition. How did that decision change your life for the better? Remember that you can have instant goodness or instant badness happen to you by listening or not listening to your intuition.

Your intuition will guide you and help you to be safe and make sure that you are doing things that are best for your highest good. Once you learn to listen to your intuition, you will see that it is there to guide you for your future and to keep you safe all throughout your journey.