How to Prepare New Divination Tools for Use

Divination Tools

Many will buy divination tools as a way to help themselves or others learn about their lives, make wise decisions or guide them in some way. One problem with buying a divination tool is someone else, possibly several others have used it before you. That means their energy is attached and could affect how it works for you.

This is why you should cleanse and recharge any divination tool before you use it. Cleansing whisks away old energies that can give incorrect information to you and recharging puts your energy into it so the item is perfectly suited for its current use.

How To Cleanse a Divination Tool

The idea of cleaning isn’t limited to divination tools. Truly, anything coming from another home should be cleansed of old energies whether they are children’s toys, antique furniture, or heirlooms. Whether or not to cleanse depends on the item’s history and the vibes it gives off to you. Some old energies are okay to keep if they are comforting energies, such as the vibe your grandmother’s necklace may give off when you wear it.

Cleansing operates the same way no matter what the item is. One of the easiest ways to cleanse an item is to expose it to cool water. Things that can’t get wet can be cleansed using moonlight, salt, sage, or even Palo Santo wood.

To use moonlight, just put the object in direct moonlight for about three hours. You may want to put a piece of quartz over it to boost the energy level.

With salt, just sprinkle some salt over it and let sit for a while. To use sage or Palo Santo wood, just put some in a bowl and light until it creates smoke. Wave the smoke over and around the object, in essence, “burning away” bad energy. You can also hold it at a reasonable distance from a candle flame for the same effect.

These methods only work if there is an intention behind them. That is up to you to create the intention. You must concentrate on wiping away unwanted energy while you perform these rituals.

Putting a New Charge on Divination Tools

You will need to put your own energy onto your divination tools after you cleanse them. In other words, you need to bond with your tools for them to work for you. There are a couple of ways to do this.

The full moon can charge your devices as well as cleansing them using the method listed above. However, the easiest and best way to charge the items to your energy is with your vibration.

You can hold the item in your hands and breathe onto it. Be sure your breath touches both the front and back. You can also sleep with the item under your pillow.

Those who know Reiki can use that to charge their divination items. This method can also super boost the intentions and energies places on items. Just do a general Reiki session on the tool and then seal it.

Items Must Be Consecrated

Divination tools must be “sealed” or consecrated after they are cleansed and recharged. This sets the energy and purpose you intend for the item. It also prevents other energies from getting absorbed into the tool.

A common method is to use the four elements to bless the item but you should go to your intuition for a method that you feel comfortable with since this is a spiritual ritual.

To use the four elements, you can sprinkle the tool with earth and water and then wave air with a feather. Finally, put it near a candle and pray for blessing. This idea came from ancient Greeks who felt the four elements were the basis of life. Performing this kind of ritual allows the power of the universe to fill the object and to declare it sacred.

More methods exist that can cleanse, recharge, and seal your items but the most important aspect in all of them is intention. That is something you must deal with in your heart and mind.