11 Habits of Yours That Causes Negative Energy

Negative Energy

If you are having a never-ending string of bad luck, or problems constantly plague you, it may be sign you’re emitting negative energy.  There are many reasons we can develop the habit of vibrating at lower frequencies.  Yet, as we become aware of the problem, we can begin to correct it for the better.

Become aware of your situation and patterns you have been exhibiting lately.  Through this awareness you may identify the source of negative energy, since there is always a root cause.  Sometimes it’s a self-esteem problem, depression, or misplaced frustration.  Reevaluate your self-care plan to increase coping skills like mediation, journaling or reciting affirmations.  You may also want to consider working with a therapist.  Below we have compiled a list of common problems for people that have habitual toxic energy.

  1. Always loathing your job: There can always be something you dislike at work, but if you can’t find something you appreciate or are willing to change, then these strong emotions can have more to do with you that your career itself. Observe your attitude and whether you are feeling consistently stressed.  Commit to changing the way you think and notice as the problems subside. Begin by slowing down and listening to your inner thoughts.  Notice if you are always viewing things through a negative lens or do you view these struggles as a growth opportunity?  Remember it is in the difficult moments that we truly learn and grow.  Consider the language you are using and the story you are telling yourself about everything involved in the situation.  When you embrace a positive mindset, you can help even the most boring or frustrating task feel exciting or fun.
  2. Feeling lonely and isolated: If you feel like you are always on the outside looking in, consider what energy you are putting out into the world.  When we emit toxic energy or act pessimistically it can cause people to pull away from you.  People react readily to the energy put out by others.  When you address the underlying causes of why you feel negative you can begin to work to project a more uplifting vibration and invite more people into your life.
  3. Never-ending bad luck: If you feel like a dark cloud is always hovering over you, it might be time to consider the energy you are putting out.  People with frequent bad luck are more likely to be pessimistic and struggle to find people to help them through tough situations.  Remember you are more likely to receive the same energy you put out, so if you are habitually negative than you will more commonly interact with negative people.
  4. Shooting yourself in the foot: If it seems like good things never last long in your life, consider if you are actually sabotaging your chance at success.  Notice if you are always showing up late to work, or picking a fight with people you love.  Toxic cycles will repeat until you choose to break the pattern and adopt healthier behaviors.
  5. Always viewing people as negatives: People with a negative mindset will typically focus on the negative attributes of people and situations.  Always finding the flaws in life is not a healthy way to live.  Work to address the root of your negativity so you can begin to find the blessings in life and notice as your relationship begin to improve as a result.
  6. Seeing the world as a bad place: Sure, nothing in life is always sunshine and roses, but it isn’t all doom and gloom either.  Those who live in a frequent pessimistic mindset will frequently overlook the joys in life.  Negativity alters perception to the point you find the flaw in everything.  When you work to heal the source of your negativity you can help find the beauty in the world and begin to create the beneficial changes you desire.
  7. Constantly stumbling through life: We all face setbacks, but positive people can find the important lessons to help them grow.  Instead of thinking like life is a battle you are fighting to win, shift your perspective to see what the Universe is actually trying to teach you.  Commit to not giving up and doing the hard work necessary for success.
  8. Not recognizing wonderous opportunities: If you are constantly coming up short it might be because of your attitude.  Putting out negative energy signals the world that you aren’t ready for this next step.  Changing your attitude empowers you to connect with people and see growth opportunities.
  9. Endless toxic relationships: Energy attracts others with a similar attitude.  If you are always emitting negativity, negative people are more prone to enter your life.  This can be a big problem with friendships and romances where each person is trying to vie for who has it worse.  Bring attention to your patterns and working to focus on more positive attributes and notice how people that are happier, healthier, and focus begin to become attracted to you.
  10. Losing friends easily: Even if you don’t feel you have many toxic friendships, negativity can drive people from your life.  If you find yourself easily losing friends take a look at your actions.  People with a negative mindset believe the world is out to get them and may end up pushing people away.  Work to resolve conflicts in your relationships in a healthy manner or risk these dynamics fading away due to negativity.
  11. Turbulent romances: People with toxic mindsets frequently end up in unhealthy relationships.  When we are in a bad headspace, we emit negative energy that can inadvertently attract a harmful partner.  Then you can become stuck in a relationship define by drama and pessimism.  Be gentle with yourself and don’t blame yourself for any negative circumstance you find yourself in.  Instead, identify root causes and work to resolve these patterns to embrace a healthier mindset.  In particular you may choose to work with a therapist to grow in self-awareness and find avenues towards healing.  With time and hard work these depressing feeling will be less likely to impact your life.