Healing After a Broken Relationship

Healing After a Broken Relationship

A relationship that ends can bring heartbreak to someone. It will even be harder when you see other couples that are happy and that are having good relationships. Relationships have problems and they are not always easy to solve like the ones that are in the movies.

If you have been in a relationship that has ended, you might see that you need to heal from this kind of heartbreak. The thing is, not all people heal the same way, and no one can tell you how and when you should heal. Getting over a broken heart needs to be something that you work through and that you need to learn to cope through. This can help you when you have a future relationship, and it can help you to love yourself more.

Fixing a Broken Heart

After a breakup, it might feel like you are grieving such as in a death. This happens because your mind goes into a grieving process over a loss that you are feeling. These feelings can be hard to deal with and when the breakup first happens, it might cause you to feel things such as guilt and sadness. You may even feel angry, and you have to learn to face the changes that you are experiencing during this time. There are some ways that you can heal and some things that you need to avoid during this time.


You cannot let your emotions rule you. As a relationship ends, you have to learn to grow and to work through it. You cannot let your emotions cause you to give up on life. Rather you are in your first relationship or if you have been in many before, everyone can work to improve themselves and their relationship skills.

Chances are that you will be angry about how your relationship ended and you might even want to get revenge. Doing this can hurt you in your present life and make it harder to move on to another relationship. This can pause your healing.

Take Care of You

Learn to take care of yourself. This includes taking care of your physical and your spiritual self. There are general rules for self-care that you need to work towards such as working out, finding a good support system and learning to deal with anxiety.

Take time to love others and yourself. Be kind and caring and forgive yourself when needed. You might even need to change your mindset and look at your relationship as a learning experience. Romantic love is good, but it isn’t the only thing in your life that you need. Remember, you need to care for yourself and not forget your friends and family.

If you feel bad about the way that your relationship ended, it might be hard for you to forgive yourself and love yourself. You can work on this by putting yourself around other people that build you up.

When you feel that you are not able to cope with the loss of this relationship, talk to someone that can help you. Working with people that love you is good self-care and if you need more, go to a therapist and let them help you with your loss.

Stuck in the Past

We all get in a place where you want to keep thinking about the past. Look at how your relationship ended and why. Was it as good as you remember? Don’t refuse to focus on the problems and only focus on the good things. There is a reason that your relationship didn’t work out.

You will have good and bad memories when you think of your relationship and the best thing that you can do is try to push these thoughts away so that you can go through your healing process.

It can be hard to stop thinking about things in your relationship but remember that no relationship has just bad times and no relationship is ever going to be perfect. Don’t raise your ex up and make excuses for their actions but learn to face them and move forward.

Stop getting online and checking up on your ex. You have to resist doing this so that you can move on. If you cannot do this on your own, then delete and block them so you won’t be tempted to check in on them.

You will never be able to move forward if you are always thinking about your ex. Even if your ex is in a new relationship, stop looking at their social media and don’t let your feelings keep coming back to haunt you.

Appreciate Good Times

It is okay to appreciate the good times that you have with your ex but once again, remember that not all of the times were good. Don’t let the emptiness of focusing on these good times stop you from being able to move forward.

Your Own Needs

Be honest with what you need in your life. If you have needs that aren’t met, find a way to meet them. Don’t ignore them. You might need to check out for a bit so that you can heal and that is okay. You don’t have to give excuses as to why you are sad. Let this come for a time and then move on with healing.

What Do You Need?

Take time during this and find out what you really need. If you want to start a new relationship, find out if you are picking partners that can lift you up. It might be hard for you to admit that your past relationships weren’t meeting your needs, but you have to be honest with yourself before you get into a new relationship in the future.

No Rebounding

Don’t fall into a rebound relationship. These are never healthy. Don’t just jump into things and take time to focus on why the relationship ended. You don’t want to make the same mistakes that you just made in the past relationship.

Get free of your ways of thinking and find a new mindset when it comes to relationships. This is one of the best ways to work towards change.

Wait Until You’re Ready

Some people have a hard time with who they are because they are single. If you are not sure who you are because you are single, learn to find out who you are and what value you give to others. Learn to focus on yourself and meet your own needs instead of always trying to meet the needs of others.

People that have a hard time socializing with other people might have a harder time being single because they are used to being a couple. Don’t hide away and learn to go out and have fun even as a single person. If you are afraid of going alone, ask a friend to go with you.

It might be scary thinking about falling in love and you should never even do this until you are ready. You might not even want to fall in love again, but love might find you. If this happens, be open to meeting someone new and doing fun things with them.

Make good connections wherever you go. If you are part of a sport team or a church, allow yourself to connect with others in a positive way.


Forgiving can be hard, but you have to learn to forgive yourself and your ex. If you were hurt in the breakup, this can be harder, but forgiving doesn’t mean you forget, it just means you aren’t held back in your healing.

Forgiving someone isn’t about them as much as it is about you. Forgiving allows you to give yourself love and permission to be around good energy and to get rid of negativity in your life.

To get over a broken heart, there is someone else you have to forgive besides your ex and that is yourself. Never forget this part because that is the most important person that you can forgive. We all make mistakes, and we all need to grow. Allow yourself to heal and grow as your life moves forward.