When Girls Lead You On!

When Girls Lead You On!

Do you have friends that are girls that you have caught feelings for, and you wonder if they like you? Sometimes they show signs of wanting to be more than friends but other times you aren’t even sure if you’re even friends. Some girls will lead guys on and there are things that out can look for to see if she really likes you or is just leading you on.

Notice the Cues

It can be hard to know if she is flirting with you or just being nice to you but once you can figure this out you will know if you should pursue her or not. Flirting sometimes looks like this:

    • Smiling, leaning in towards you and touching you when talking.
    • Compliments on your looks.
    • Talking about wanting to date in front of you.
    • Wants to spend alone time with you.
    • Will try to get you to notice her.
    • Twirls or plays with her hair.

Listen to How She Talks

Notice how she talks. You can tell by words alone if she might be interested in you or not. Girls try to be indirect sometimes when they are interested in you, and this can be confusing but if you notice these things then she might be interested:

    • She talks about a boyfriend she doesn’t want to date.
    • She flirts with you when she says it.

Is She Just Leading You On?

There are some girls that lead guys on because they want to get attention and so they send out mixed signals. This is sometimes unintentional because she might really just want a friendship. If she just wants you around as a friend and is leading you on, here are some signs to look for:

    • She doesn’t make real plans with you.
    • She will only call last minute to ask you to do something.
    • She never tries to plan anything with you first.
    • She doesn’t talk about herself much.
    • It takes her a long time to call or text back.
    • She discusses her ex a lot.
    • She spends time with you when you pay for things.

Find Out More About Her

If you want to find out if she likes you, find out more about her. Talk to your friends and tell them what is going on so that you can get new ideas and you can share everything you’re feeling. Also, if you have a chance to talk to her friends, more than likely they will tell you that she likes you if you bring it up.

  • Ask Her

Feeling like you are being led on isn’t a good feeling and you might get to the point where you need to just ask her if she likes you or not. You might be afraid that she will reject you, but it is best sometimes to really just know.

When you talk to her online or on the phone, you can ask her then because it won’t feel as weird as doing it in person. Be clear and simple and tell her that you like her, and you want to know if she feels the same or not.

Talking to her in person might be harder but you can do this too if you feel that it would give you more satisfaction. Notice her body language and let her be honest with you. You will be able to tell if she likes you by how she reacts when you tell her your feelings.

You might not get the answer that you are looking for because sometimes girls will keep people around when they need to have friendship and even if they don’t like you the way that you do.

  • If She Says No

If she tells you no that she doesn’t like you, listen to her and respect her. She might not even answer you right away and if she doesn’t you need to not be pushy. Be clear that you want her to not lead you on and that you can stay friends as long as she doesn’t do that anymore.

Tell her that you want to be with her, and you hope that she wants the same and you can ask her to get back with you at a later time to talk about it. If she isn’t being direct with you then chances are that the answer is no, and she just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings.

Feeling Rejected

When she tells you that she just wants to be friends don’t let this hurt you too much. There will be someone else in your life that comes around, and you need to not take it too personally. If she has rejected you though, you need to make sure that you are setting boundaries and that you are staying in the friendzone. If you still have strong feelings for her, here are some things that you can do:

    • Unfollow her on all of your social media.
    • Spend time away from her.
    • When she flirts with her, ask her not to do that.
    • Avoid her when she calls or texts.
    • Don’t be convenient to her.
    • Spend time only with her in a group.

Moving On

You can move on from someone that you aren’t able to have more than friendship with or you can stay friends, but you have to get rid of your romantic feelings. If she has led you on a lot, it might take time and it might be hard to stay around her, but you can work through these feelings by doing these things:

    • Talk to your friends and family about how you feel.
    • Find new hobbies and interests.
    • Meet new girls.

Learning a Life Lesson

Getting hurt when you love someone can be painful but remember that this is part of your learning experiences. You can’t change people to have the same feelings that you do, and you deserve to be with someone that cares about you the same way that you care about her. Also, make sure that you realize how this makes you feel so that you don’t ever do it to anyone else.