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Sedna is a minor planet that was discovered by Chad Trujillo, Michael E. brown and David Rabinowitz on November 13, 2003. It is called a trans-Neptunian object. It is found between Jupiter and mars and is found beyond the Kuiper belt int eh Inner Oort Cloud.

This is a 1000 miles wide and is a large cloud. It is ice, rock and is over 84 billion miles form the sun. Sedna is either in Aries or Taurus. If you were born between 1965 and 1968 then you have Sedna as part of your natal chart.


Sedna was named after the goddess of the sea. Her story is one of a pretty girl that had long hair. Her father was a hunter, and she was excited to live at her home and never wanted to leave. Some men would come to her to marry her, and they would ask her parents, but they would not force her to move out.

Once day a stranger showed up that was handsome, and Sedna fell in love with him. She wanted to be with him because he looked rich, and he was handsome. Soon she married him and left with him to her new island home.

The marriage changed right away, and Sedna found that this guy was actually a Fulmar which is a dangerous bird spirit that was disguised as a human. He was not good at taking care of her and would leave her for days at a time to go and do whatever he wanted.

Sedna hated her new life and would cry. Her cries reached all the way to where her parents were, and her father took his kayak to bring her home. He was mad at his daughter for causing him so much problem and mad that he would have to go back to taking care of her. When he took her, he only had room on the kayak for one and he made her sit on the bow.

When her Fulmar came home, he was angry to see she was gone, and he caused a storm to come. The waves were causing the kayak to almost tip over and so he made his daughter to get out. Even though he told her to get out, she held on to the side of the kayak and he begin to hit her hands with the boat paddle to make her let go.

Her hands were so cold from the water that her fingers fell off and became animals in the sea such as dolphins, seals and more. Since she could no longer hang on, she let go and she fell into the deep water and her lower body became a dolphin.

She became the mother to all the sea creatures, and they listened to her. The would sacrifice themselves if they needed to. When Sedna was unhappy, she would not allow the people on the island to be able to get food. She would not let those that treated her badly on the island to have food and they almost starved.

Sine her fingers were gone, she couldn’t touch her hair and it became tangled and full of seaweed. When people would see her, they would feel darkness. But she would be happy again as long as someone would comb out her hair and she would let the food come back to her.

Astrology and Sedna

Sedna is a slow-moving planet that effects the outer planets. If you believe that life has no coincidences, then you will appreciate that there are many. Sedna was not happy with the betrayal of her family, but she would take care of things and would let them suffer. You have to remember that this was a positive person, and that the myth shows that she was mistreated.

At first Sedna was selfish and only wanted what she wanted but she later found that she could do her own thing and that she would be able to change her life even after tragedy.

The story of her life is full of betrayal and abandonment and there are lessons to see that this was not a good thing. She was someone that had to suffer and later she would pay back the people that mistreated her. Her fingers would allow her to control what was going on in her life and she would see that even as a victim she could recover.

Women that are victims of abuse are often in situations that they are not willing to change or be responsible for but there are ways that they can take care of themselves and move on in their life without the pain and suffering.

Things can change when Sedna moves and even though she is a water sign, she is part of the Taura and the other sign instead to he Pisces and the Cancer that many believe that she should be a part of.