Getting Your Desires Through Manifesting

Getting Your Desires

There are ways that you can get what you desire, including manifesting. This is a way that you can dream of what you want and then you can have the power to make your desires come true.

You can use manifestation for love, money and whatever you want or need in your life.

Understanding Manifesting

Manifesting is something that many people use, and you don’t even realize. Those people that seem to have everything might use it, too!  Manifestation means that you take a specific outcome, and you turn it into something real.

Manifesting sometimes sounds like something crazy but if you are someone that uses it, you know that you can reach your goals. You can do this by seeing in your minds eye what you want and then believing you can get it while you take action to make it happen.

You can believe in manifestation, too!

Getting What You Want

Here are some steps to manifesting:

Be Clear

Make sure that you are being clear on what you want. Write down the details on a piece of paper and be as specific as you can. Don’t just write generic things. If you want a convertible, know what kind, color, and specs it will have.

Find Out Why

Once you know what you want and what you feel like you need, know why you want it. There are some things that we think we want but we don’t. Ask these questions:

  • Why do I want this?
  • Is it something I truly want?
  • What kind of benefits will it give me?
  • How does it make me feel when I think about it?


After you know what you want and why, ask the universe to bring it to you. Meditate, better your life and send out your requests to the universe. You can ask each day until you get it.


The next step is the most important and it is believing. You have to believe in what you are manifesting and not think that it is out of your control. Using the Law of Attraction can help because if you put your beliefs out there, they will come back to you.

Always make sure that you are being positive and that you have an open mind and heart.


After you make your goal list, take action. Write down things that you can do to help you reach your goal and write down things that happen that are good that get you where you want to be.

Stop Letting Things Hold You Back

If there are things that are holding you back, let them go. Find out why you keep missing your goal and change your thinking from negative to positive. Be aware of what is holding you back and change it or let it go.

Make Your Desires Real

You need to stay focused on what you want and here is how:

  • Journal: Make sure that you have your dreams written down and what you want.
  • Affirmations: Say positive affirmations to keep you positive and strong.
  • Vision board: Make a vision board so that you can look at what you want each day.


Once you do all these things then you need to celebrate what you have. Make sure that you are being thankful and that you are writing down the things that help you win, even if they are small.

Celebrate yourself when you take a step towards your goal, and you make any kind of progress.

Raise Your Vibrations

You get back whatever you send to the universe so make sure that you keep your vibrations high. Make sure that you are giving yourself the care that you need and that you are doing habits that are good for you.

Final Thoughts

Focus on what you want and put the time into getting it. You will see that you can get whatever you put into the universe if you believe and take action!