How to Navigate the 8 Stages of a Soulmate Relationship

Soulmate Relationship

People dream of the day they will meet their soulmate, that person who is our other half.  That individual that knows what we are thinking, even before we do and whom we most trust.  We instantly sense when we finally meet our soulmate.  It seems like sky is bluer and the birds are chirping louder.

The couple is able to totally accept each other as they are complementary to each other.  It seems like where one partner lacks, the other partner has an abundance.  Soulmates see each other as they are since their relationship is a unification of heart and soul.

Here is how you can grow your relationship with your soulmate through every stage of the relationship:

  1. You discover your “right” person

There is a myth that when you meet the right person you will be instantly filled with joy.  Unfortunately, we face many chaotic love stories that end in heartache.  With each breakup a wall can go up making us thing our perfect match doesn’t exist.

Upon meeting our soulmate, we see the truth that there is a right person for everybody.  We understand the amount of effort they had to put into meeting us.  It can be hard to process this truth, but we are committed to trying.  This person empowers us to explore a love we previously thought was unreal.

  1. You understand a part of your life’s purpose

As we accept our soulmate has face similar experience to ours, we see we had to reach this moment in our life to receive this kind of love.  Soulmates arrive at the exact moment we must learn a key lesson about ourselves.  Frequently they enter our lives when we are already in a serious relationship and infuse us with a keen wisdom to help us grow spiritually.

  1. Love flourishes

There is a unique difference between loving a person and falling in love.  We love a variety of people in our life, but when we meet our soulmate, we discover the unfathomable love of merging with our other half.  You must let the love grow naturally and never try to force its development.  Our heart and spirit know something that our mind can’t analyze, let alone process.  Falling in love is easy.  Soulmate are aware of the reality in their situation, yet they experience pure bliss since their hearts are finally being able to love unconditionally.

  1. You begin to see all your facets

Ever relationship teaches us a key lesson.  As the routine begins to emerge with your soulmate and the passion of your beginning wanes, you are able to see the totality of yourself.  Just as you can see your positive traits in a brilliant light, so too are you able to observe your shadow side.  This enables you to learn how to heal, forgive, and accept all of your characteristics.  Then you must find your maturity to perform your soul work in this lifetime so you can embrace both sides of your duality.

  1. You desire distance

The love between soulmate can be so intense is can get scary at time.  We see parts of ourselves that we aren’t prepared to address.  If the first stages of a soulmate relationship are a chase, this marks the transition into union.  The soulmates now identify their similarities.  Anxious judgments can take hold to the point we aren’t sure we want to continue the bond.

  1. Surrender

Run from the inevitable is exhausting.  We now see we have to adjust our mindset and patterns for our relationship to grow.  Together you embrace a team-mindset to face this love adventure.  You throw away ego and can actually notice the fear dissolving.  We then become aware of our soul contracts that concluded several lives ago.  In this phase we experience peace in the union.

  1. Challenging each other

Soulmates seek to help each other grow.  Although they encourage each other and provide unconditional support, you both enjoy pursuing unique objectives.  At time soulmate may separate temporarily to focus on their own lives, but they will find ways to provide continuous streams of love, support and respect for each other.

  1. Oneness

Together soulmates are an engine of love, empathy and trust.  It can spread like an endless ripple of positive to everyone around the couple.  Soulmates resonate each other’s vibration and frequency to the point their become one.  The intensity you can experience together is because your hearts need each to reach new levels of spiritual growth.  The meeting of soulmates is wonderous.  They must navigate learning how to trust the synchronicities, unspoken words, and divine knowledge.  Soulmates have the power of remaining in love and improving the soul’s purpose.  Through the lesson we learn in a journey with a soulmate our souls evolve and leave us forever transformed.