Understanding Numerology and Your Zodiac

Understanding Numerology and Your Zodiac

Getting through life can be hard and everyone deserves a reward when they are able to get through it. There are times when life is amazing and there are times when it is hard.

We can all do better in things in our lives but as life goes on, you will see that you need to just do your best.

The way that you see yourself can be in other signs and that can be because of the way that the rising sign and the moon and the sun work together. Look at all of the signs and see where you fit.

Ups and Downs of the Zodiac Signs

Here are ups a downs of each of the signs:


The Aries is always wanting to be ready to act on things and they will always be dressed up and ready to go.

They love to take leaderships in things, and they are responsible and will get things done as fast as they can.

The great thing about the Aries is that they are very dependent, and they will come to make sure that hey are there to help you on time.

This sign is very impulsive sometimes, but they are also sensible in things that seem important. The problem is that they sometimes like to do things to get laughs such as pull pranks, but this can cause them to be looked at like they are trouble makers.

This sign is very courageous in what they do, and they will do things to get attention, but they will fight for those that they love. Sometimes they are a little rough around the edges, but they always seem to be able to make friends easily.


The taurus loves to buy new things and to wear things that look good even if they spend too much.

This sign is sometimes lazy though and they need people to push them so that they can get things done. They will do things though until they get them finished, once you get them going, they will do their best.

They are punctual and they are sensible, but they are someone that always tries to find the easiest way to do things so that they don’t have to overwork, and they love to be comfortable.

This sign is very kind and loving and they get along with almost everyone, but they can get mad if someone is mean to someone that they love. Never leave the Taurus alone with the cake or else they might lick the icing off while you are gone.


The Gemini is a very fashionable sign. They get bored very easily and they will do whatever they can to focus and to pay attention to what is going on so that they can be entertained.

This sign is often not very dependable, and they tend to accidently miss things and are often late. They are very smart, and they love to know things about everyone so they will always ask questions.

When dating this sign, they will be very about you, and they will be caring and interested in things that you have to say. They love to talk and to be in social groups.


The Cancer is a sign that is practical in what they wear but they do tend to follow most of the fashions.

This sign likes to get things done and they worry about things such as their jobs, relationships, and finances and so they will work hard to make sure that they have enough.

This is a caring sign, and they love to be with people that are friendly. They will protect their family and friends at all costs, and they are good at knowing when something is wrong because they have strong common sense.


The Leo is prideful, and they always go out of their way to dress for success.

This sign is a natural leader, and they are often the boss in companies and are great leaders. They are able to think things through, but they can be arrogant and treat others less than themselves.

When they aren’t being arrogant though, they are kind and respectful and they are gracious to those that they love. They also do what they can to be dependent and reliable.


The Virgo will put themselves together well and they do what they can to get things done and to get them done right.

This sign works so hard that they often forget to take breaks and even to eat lunch. They have to be on time to everything they do, and they often overthink everything.

They are very kind and loving and they show etiquette to everyone that they meet but they do not socialize much because they are always busy working.


The libra is very well groomed and strives to be attractive. They work hard even when they don’t want to, but they also try to balance their life so that they can spend time with their families.

This sign is one that is gentle and on time, sometimes, but they also will argue with people that they think are wrong. Even though they argue sometimes, they really just want peace, and they will be fair and show good manners to people that they meet.

The Libra is a charming sign, and they will try to be successful, but they will never back down from an argument.


The Scorpio is elegant and is sometimes a little too sexy. They are a sign that is motivated, and they will do whatever needs done until it is finished.

This sign is competitive with others, and they will work hard to do better than someone else which means that they get places on time and sometimes even early.

They are very clear in their thinking but they are equally creative and so they will let their thoughts take control sometimes.

Even though they are happy, chances are in a few minutes they can be angry depending on the situation. In a social setting this sign is loving, kind, supportive, sincere, gentle, and warm. They are very loyal to those that they love.


This sign likes to wear trends that they can wear both inside and outside. They love to go on adventures, and they are always ready with how they dress to be ready for the next move.

The Sag will work hard, and they are trustworthy. They are usually on time, and they often have deep thoughts that can distract them from what they are doing.

This is a sign that is often blunt and sometimes rude but not on purpose because really, they are encouraging and friendly and they try to get others to be positive.


The Capricorn likes to dress up for business and they are always looking for work that they can do. They work hard and they want to be a leader and so they will climb the corporate ladder if they need to.

This sign is a great leader, and they work hard and find being on time important. They like to make plans ahead of time and they are very thoughtful and happy.

The Capricorn is serious sometimes, but they care for their loved ones.


The Aquarius will dress any way that they want, and they don’t go for fashion. They have big dreams, and they work hard to make their dreams become a reality and so they will do anything that they need to do to achieve this.

They are not always on time or dependable because they are so busy, they often forget to show up. They look at things differently than others because they are very smart, and they are kind to all that they meet.

If you date an Aquarius, they will be friendly, and kind and you will know exactly who they are. They will love to meet people that are new and those that are from a different country.


The Pisces is one that loves to look pretty and wear dreamy looking clothes. They will do whatever they feel like without any real reason.

This is a creative sign, and they don’t like to have to be on time because they don’t like to be put on a schedule. They are very smart, and they are spiritual. They work well with their spiritual side, and they are sometimes sensitive and quiet, especially to people that they don’t know.