Using Rainbow Flourite to Improve Clarity


Those who are into natural and spiritual healing are well aware of how different crystals can be used to heal various things from body pains to emotional wounds. Rainbow Flourite, or as some call it Fluor Spar, is a crystal that can be used to gain clarity in your life or help you decide in a tough situation.

This stone gets its name honestly. It has a variety of colors including purple, yellow, blue, and green that are displayed in bands like a rainbow. Even more amazing is that fluorite is fluorescent under ultraviolet light. There is one variety, chlorophane, that can glow when you hold it.

Another trait of this stone is that it melts easily at lower temperatures than other crystals. Because of this, ancient peoples often used it to shape things like cups, statues, plates, and other objects.

Romans often used it to make wine cups and even thought the fluorite cups improved the taste of the wine.

This gorgeous stone is primarily found in three places in the world and they are China, England, and Mexico. However, it’s a little-known fact that it was once mined in southern Illinois and could still possibly be found there in shops and among healers.

What Rainbow Fluorite Can Do

Flourite has a tremendous effect on people beyond improving clarity. It can help you reduce stress, increase energy protection, and even transform energy. It can help you maintain your energy balance, strengthen intuition, promote confidence, help you determine truth in situations, improve your objectivity and fair judgments and stimulate your intellect.

It’s the perfect stone for those who feel scattered or pulled in several directions. It can help keep you focused and on track. It is, in all respects, a guiding stone. It has a companion stone of black onyx that increases the effects of fluorite.

There is also a companion essential oil of Lemon Verbena that works well with it and the companion flower is the cherry blossom. It is paired with the element of air and is especially helpful to those born under Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius signs.

Composition of Rainbow Flourite

Although this stone has a rainbow of colors, different stones may have a dominant color. Some may have more shades of purple like lavender or violet while others fall into the blue shading of teal and aquamarine. Some stones are primarily green, amber, or yellow and some are complete rainbows with solid bands of each color.

They can be vibrant or dull and are relatively soft stones falling to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale out of 10, with 10 being the hardest.

Flourite is a pretty common mineral and is found in the same areas as zinc and lead. It can be in veins with other rocks like granite and can even be a part of stones like marble.

This is an old type of stone s it was named in 1797 by Carlo Antonio Galeani Napione. The name, fluere, is Latin for “flow” and could refer to the stone’s easy-melting stage. The word fluorescence also comes from the word fluorite, as does the element fluorine.

Using Rainbow  Fluorite

Rainbow Flourite can be used as you do other crystals. You can hold it during meditation to focus on clarity or a decision, or to stimulate your mind. It can be made into jewelry to be worn whenever you need an extra boost of energy or some more objectivity for decisions.

Since Rainbow Flourite is easy to form, it can be made into many things for you to use in your daily routine beyond meditation.

Rainbow Flourite is a good stone to add to your healing bag of offerings whether you are seeking solutions for yourself or becoming a healer to help others. It’s a great stone that can be coupled with others for total healing or guidance.