What Are Your Spirit Guides Saying?


Do you ever feel that your spirit guide is close or feel that they aren’t close at all, and you wonder what signs you can look for? Everyone has spirit guides and angels that watch over them and even if you don’t realize it, there are there for you from the beginning of your life.

Your guides watch over you and even if you don’t talk to them directly, they are there and they want to communicate with you. You might not notice this at first and you might feel upset or confused about why they aren’t there for you. Once you learn to recognize the signs, you can ask more out of your spirit guides, and you can talk to them and communicate with them.

Spirit Guides

If you have ever been part of new age, chances are you have heard the phrase “spirit guides.” There is no real way to define this because there are so many different guides that will come to you in your life. These are beings that are from a different realm, but they come to you and appear to you in a way that you can see them, such as your spirit animals.

Some guides are your angels, and some are guides, ascended masters, archangels, and other ones that come to you when you need them.

Signs Your Guides Want to Communicate

Now that you understand spirit guides more, here are some ways that they might be trying to communicate with you:

  • White Feathers

Feathers are things that are associated with the spiritual world. Your spirit guides can put a white feather close to you so that you know that they are trying to communicate with you. Your guides don’t want you to give up and they want to help bring you peace and hope even when you are suffering.

A white feather can also come when you have lost a loved one and you need to know that they are okay. White feathers let you know that your loved ones are safe and sound even after crossing over.

  • Ear’s Ringing

Another way that your guides might communicate with you is making your ears ring. This can happen because you are connecting with a higher realm. This is a way that they can communicate with you.

This can be a high-pitched noise that you hear, and it is to get your attention so that you know that your guides are there for you. Usually if it happens in your right ear, this is a higher power.

  • Number Sequences

Do you keep seeing the same numbers over and over again? You might think this is just coincidental, but the truth is, this is a way that spirits often communicate. They like to use certain numbers based on numerology and each number has its own vibration.

Your guides will send you messages by sending repeating numbers so that they can get your attention. Figure out what your guides are trying to tell you when you see these numbers.

  • Light and Colors

Spirit guides often communicate with lights and colors. You might see sparks of lights around you or see certain colors. This can be your guides showing up in their real form. Some guides are linked with certain colors and so this can be a big sign if you see the same color over and over.

  • Sensations

Some people are able to have physical sensations when their guides are around. You might get goosebumps or the hair on your head might stand up. This can mean that they want to communicate with you and give you a message.

  • Synchronicities

Nothing happens for no reason and if you see things happening that are meaningful, this should get your attention. This can mean that your guides want to show you or tell you something. Even if you think something is a coincidence, don’t just ignore it but dig deeper and see if there might be something there that your guides are trying to tell you.

  • Noticing Beautiful Things

When you are walking around and out of nowhere you start to notice beautiful things, this can be your guides showing you things so that you can have less stress and more peace. Your guides want you to see the beauty around you and they want to remind you that you are special.

The universe is on your side and when you see pretty things, this can be a sign that you are taken care of.

  • Things Moving or Falling

If you are someone that sits in your house and things just start to fall, you might think that a spirit has taken over your home. This probably isn’t the case, and it could be your guides just trying to get your attention.

When things move or fall of the shelf, take it as a spirit guide trying to communicate with you. This might be a bit much, but they will do what it takes to get you to notice them.

  • Clouds

Sometimes you might see things in the clouds that remind you of something. Sometimes your guides will put shapes or other things in the clouds so that you will notice them. This can be symbols or signs that they are trying to tell you.

  • Messages in Music

Spirito guides might communicate with you through music. This happens because music can evoke emotions and if a certain song plays and you feel peaceful, this can be a sign that your spirit guides are showing you something good.

  • Strangers

A good sign that you might get that you might have realized was your spirit guides is when a stranger is nice to you. This can happen because your spirit guide goes to that person and tells them to give you a message.

Did you have someone pay for your meal or someone to tell you that your outfit was nice? This can be done because it can bring you happiness and hope. Your guides want you to know that you are loved.

Final Thoughts

There are different ways that your spirit guides can communicate with you and give you messages.  If you find that these things are happening to you, the best thing that you can do is to communicate back with your guides. Connect with them and see what they are trying to tell you.

This allows you to be more open and allows you to talk to your guides. You can connect with them, and you can realize that they are always there for you if you need them. Just reach out to them and they can help you.