Go from Ungrounded to Grounded

Go from Ungrounded to Grounded

Do you feel that you are not able to focus on your thoughts or even know what you should do next? Do you feel stressed, emotional, tired or busy?  If so, it isn’t uncommon for you to have stress because life is always so busy. But, if you feel this way often, chances are that you might be ungrounded.

Here are some reasons you might be ungrounded:

  • Too many daily tasks to accomplish.
  • You have to go from one activity to the next.
  • Your thoughts and emotions take over.
  • You are in situations that don’t bring you value.

It is easy to learn to ground yourself and so you can practice different things and learn to feel better fast.  The best thing about it is that it is easy and can help you to stay calm in any situation.

There are three different categories of grounding which include physical, where you make your body feel good, mental, where your mind and nervous system stay relaxed and emotional which means that you are loving and compassionate to yourself.

Physical Grounding

There are many ways that you can ground your physical being. Here are some exercises that you can try so you can get grounded fast:


Even though breathing is something we do without thinking about it, if you learn to be conscious about your breathing then you can learn to be grounded. Breathing allows you to connect with the earth and to find support you need in your body.

Once you become connected, you will see that as you deep breathe, you will feel better. Here are some exercises of breathing you can do:

  • Body scanning.
  • Mindful breathing.
  • Box breathing which means you breathe in for five seconds and out for five seconds and then repeat after five seconds.

Each of these breathing techniques help you to focus on you and what you need.

Sleep, Exercise and Eating Right

Life gets hard and busy and there are often times that we are stressed and aggravated. By getting the right amount of good sleep, you can make your body healthy and strong.

Another important thing is to eat right. By eating nutritious food, you will make your body healthy and keep your blood sugar at the right level. Try eating fruit or peanut butter when you need something sweet.

Go for a Nature Walk

You can take time to go outside and go for a nature walk or sit in the dirt. Go out and look at all that nature has to offer like the clouds, the sky, the trees, flowers and more. This can help you relax and feel great.

Listen to Music

Music can quickly change your mood. Listening to music can make the dopamine in your body change and to become stronger. Put on something exciting or something soft that you love to hear and let your body relax.

Self-Soothing Ideas

Take time to relax and do something self-soothing. This can mean to take a bath, pet your dog, paint something or throw a ball. Do whatever makes you feel focused and free.

Mental Grounding

Mental grounding can help your mind to relax and to feel better. Here are some grounding exercises that can help your mind:

Avoid Problems

When you feel that you are about to walk into a bad situation, avoid it. Don’t be afraid of things and learn to face them. This can help you to be in charge of your emotions. Pay attention to what you are feeling and be self-aware and mindful. Here is how:

  • Deep breathe to calm yourself.
  • Notice what your hands and body are feeling.
  • Reflect on what you are feeling and why.

When you react to things your body takes action. Find out what you are feeling and why you are reacting the way that you are.

Be Positive

By being positive you can see that you can take some of the pressure off of yourself. Look at things in a different point of view and find out why you are responding negatively to something. Pay attention to what you are letting come into you and what you are feeling about it.

Be In Control

You are the one that is in control of your own life. No matter what is happening, you decide what kind of job you want to take, what friends you have and how you will let people treat you.

Make a list of the thoughts and emotions that you have. Are they in your control? If so, you need to change how you are feeling. You need to learn to let go of things you cannot control and control things that you can in a positive way.

Go Small

Don’t think that you have to take things in big leaps. Learn to take small steps to get what you want. Small steps will get you to your goals and you don’t have to do them in one second. Take time and get there with less stress.

Do What You Are Good At

When you aren’t grounded, you will not be as confident. Be confident in yourself and do things you know that you are good at. If you are good at being creative, create something. This can help you to have more dopamine in your mind that can make you have positive health benefits. Do things that make you feel good about who you are.

Emotional Grounding

Here are some great ways that you can ground yourself in your emotions:

Connect with Others

Even if you are tired or stressed, you need to get grounded. Find people that you can connect with that will love and support you. Share your feelings and thoughts with them. Release any feelings that you have of shame or anger.

Make Friends with Yourself

You have to learn to find yourself and to be kind to yourself. We are our biggest critics and when you find that you are spending more time criticizing than loving yourself, change that. Here are some ways you can work towards making friends with yourself:

  • Ignore what your inner self is saying that is negative.
  • Appreciate the thoughts and activities that you do.
  • Engage with yourself and find out what your feelings are and why.

Your inner self is there to protect you, but you have to learn to be calm and loving to yourself just like you would be to others.

Find Your Purpose

Having a purpose can make you feel excited and happy. You need to set boundaries with yourself and with those in your life. This allows you to have a purpose and allows you to be able to reach your better self.

Things are Temporary

Remember that things are temporary and that things that are bad will pass.  If you are upset or emotional, you will see that you need to get over these things. If something bad happens, you will get through it.

Always Ground Yourself

When you feel that you are having a hard time focusing or you are unhappy or stressed, you need to do what you can to ground yourself. Get over your stress and anxiety and learn to feel better.

Being ungrounded happens to everyone and you can ground yourself and change your mindset so that you can feel calm, happy, peaceful and have a clear mind.