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Connections Beyond Explanation

Have you ever met someone that you had such a deep connection with, and you didn’t know why? Maybe it was someone that you have never met before, but you feel a pull towards them. This can be someone that you have been drawn to that you have known for a long time or someone that you haven’t seen for a while. You might feel that your connection is strong, and you don’t really know much about them. ...[Read More]

Go from Ungrounded to Grounded

Do you feel that you are not able to focus on your thoughts or even know what you should do next? Do you feel stressed, emotional, tired or busy?  If so, it isn’t uncommon for you to have stress because life is always so busy. But, if you feel this way often, chances are that you might be ungrounded. Here are some reasons you might be ungrounded: Too many daily tasks to accomplish. You have to go ...[Read More]

Healing After a Broken Relationship

A relationship that ends can bring heartbreak to someone. It will even be harder when you see other couples that are happy and that are having good relationships. Relationships have problems and they are not always easy to solve like the ones that are in the movies. If you have been in a relationship that has ended, you might see that you need to heal from this kind of heartbreak. The thing is, no...[Read More]

Getting Wishes and Manifestations

Most of us have been in a place where we want to see our dreams come true. We will make a wish and hope to manifest things in our life. Manifestation is a way that you can use your own thinking to attract things to your life. The problem with this is that people are always thinking about negative things like disasters or something bad happening. When you do this, that is all you will attract. When...[Read More]

When You’re a Wounded Healer

Are you someone that is a wounded healer or maybe you have no idea what that means. But if you have been someone that has been abused or hurt in your life, this can be what you are. This can be any kind of hurt, mental, physical or emotional and it is a pain that seems to last forever. A person that has been hurt over and over will sometimes take the feelings that they have and use them to help ot...[Read More]

The Chakras and the Life Force

We all have seven chakras in our body, and this is where our energy takes place. The chakras are like an energy wheel, and they help to regulate the flow of the energy that goes throughout your body and into your spirit man. When these work correctly, you will feel good in your overall self. The way that energies move shows us that there has to be a center where the energy connects. The aura is pa...[Read More]

How to Reach Your Life Goals

Do you wonder how you can reach your goals and how you can make your dreams come true? You can make dreams and you can have magic to bring you joy and purpose in your life. You will see yourself with better relationships and with job changes that you want, and you will learn to really love who you are. Here are some ways to reach your goals and to find happiness: Visions Know what you want in your...[Read More]

How to Be a Happy and Successful Empath

Are you an empath and you worry that you are never going to be happy or to find success? If you feel that way, chances are that you aren’t the only one. People that are empaths are often highly sensitive and they have to deal with many different mental health issues such as stress, anxiety, depression, addictions and more. This is even more than the average person deals with them. Empaths often ha...[Read More]

More About Asteroids

Sedna is a minor planet that was discovered by Chad Trujillo, Michael E. brown and David Rabinowitz on November 13, 2003. It is called a trans-Neptunian object. It is found between Jupiter and mars and is found beyond the Kuiper belt int eh Inner Oort Cloud. This is a 1000 miles wide and is a large cloud. It is ice, rock and is over 84 billion miles form the sun. Sedna is either in Aries or Taurus...[Read More]

Understanding Numerology and Your Zodiac

Getting through life can be hard and everyone deserves a reward when they are able to get through it. There are times when life is amazing and there are times when it is hard. We can all do better in things in our lives but as life goes on, you will see that you need to just do your best. The way that you see yourself can be in other signs and that can be because of the way that the rising sign an...[Read More]

Activating Your Intuition to Make Decisions

Have you ever been in a situation where you just know that you know that something isn’t right? You see red flags all around you and you don’t know why but you just know that something is wrong. You might feel this way after you went on a date with someone, or you might go into work and find that something about a project that is being offered isn’t sitting well with you. You might even get a feel...[Read More]

11 Habits of Yours That Causes Negative Energy

If you are having a never-ending string of bad luck, or problems constantly plague you, it may be sign you’re emitting negative energy.  There are many reasons we can develop the habit of vibrating at lower frequencies.  Yet, as we become aware of the problem, we can begin to correct it for the better. Become aware of your situation and patterns you have been exhibiting lately.  Through this aware...[Read More]

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