Things that Empathic People Do Not Do

Things that Empathic People Do Not Do

The term empathic often comes up when talking about people and these people are often put on the limelight. They are often misunderstood, and they are not known to be able to do certain things or to act certain ways.

The truth is, no empaths are the exact same and even though they might share some of the same types of traits, everyone is different, and they have different ranges of sensitivity. If you have ever met someone that is an empathic person then you know that they can be different than other people that you meet.

Since there are so many people with empathic abilities, they often go through the same things. People might ask them to tell the future or to give them the winning lottery numbers. But the empathic person is not someone that often reads into the future, but they are one that knows compassion and love and they are able to feel the sensitivities of others.

Empaths Are Not Crazy

You might believe that someone that can feel emotions is crazy just because you cannot do that. You have to understand that things are different for each person and someone that is an empath is often overwhelmed by their own gifting. They often lack the support of others because people think that they just make up things or imagine things.

If you want to not believe that someone is an empath, don’t. That is up to you but that doesn’t change what is real. Some empaths will struggle with others always giving them their emotions. This can cause them to feel tired, overwhelmed and even lead to depression.

Empaths are people that can listen well and give great advice and so they often attract people that are hurting and need help with their emotions. They are drained emotionally and become overwhelmed easier than others. These people might cry themselves to sleep at night in order to feel better the next day.

It is important that if you know an empath that you choose to be loving and compassionate. It is important that you consider your actions around them and that you take time to give them peace and not to make them suffer in their emotions.

Empaths Are Not Selfish

Some empaths are thought to be selfish because they stay quiet, or they don’t share what they are feeling. They aren’t selfish or stuck up, they just need to take time to process the feelings and emotions that people around them have.

On top of all that, it is hard sometimes for an empath to be able to embrace the feelings that they are having and so they have to figure out a way to cope with the emotions and to understand what they are feeling. This can cause them to be quiet so that they can concentrate on what they need to do next.

Everyone is exposed to things differently and this is part of the emotional path as well. They often need time to sort things out and to figure out their life. This doesn’t make them antisocial or backward, it just makes them different. Support and love them.

Empaths are Not All Psychics

Some empaths are psychics but there are many empaths who aren’t. Some might have the psychic abilities that you have read about but their biggest gifting is that they are able to pick up the emotions and feelings of others.

They can know what is going on in someone’s life without being told and they know when someone is dealing with problems or not being honest.

This doesn’t mean that the empath is a mind reader or that they are a walking crystal ball. They cannot help but to be able to read your emotions, but this doesn’t mean that they can read the winning lottery numbers or tell you what you are going to go through in 20 years.

You cannot expect empaths to be aware of everything even though they can pick up on the negative emotions that are around your life. Sometimes they are able to read into the near future of things such as someone struggling or someone getting sick.

Empaths Are Not Frail

When you describe an empath, the word frail will not fit them. They are not someone that is overly sensitive or emotional that they will break. Yes, they are emotional, and they do have feelings and the feelings that they pick up on are often not even their own.

Even though they have these feelings, it doesn’t mean that they are not able to be strong. These people are able to stand up for life and for emotions and to help others. They are sensitive and often suffer but they are not weak.

Having constant emotions coming at them often will leave them feeling ill or need time alone to become strong again.

They need to be alone to heal and to make themselves release some of their emotions and energies.

If you are with someone that is an empath, you need to understand that they need a break here and there and that they need to have time to be able to spend it alone and to regain their composure and their strength. Understanding them might be hard because it is hard to understand the emotions of others but loving them will be easy.

Give them the kindness and the support that they need and show them that you care for them and love them no matter what they are going through.