Connections Beyond Explanation

Connections Beyond Explanation

Have you ever met someone that you had such a deep connection with, and you didn’t know why? Maybe it was someone that you have never met before, but you feel a pull towards them.

This can be someone that you have been drawn to that you have known for a long time or someone that you haven’t seen for a while. You might feel that your connection is strong, and you don’t really know much about them.

Maybe you met this person before, or you have known them in the past but now things are different, and the bond is stronger.

Your Circle

All of this can be someone that was part of your circle in life at some point or another. You might have made a connection with someone from high school, college, a past job or someone that you were in a relationship with. There is a commonality between you and them that you never forgot.


Other people that you meet and connect with might be strangers. You feel drawn to them, and you cannot really explain it, but it is there. It can be hard to understand this but here are some things that might be happening:

Strong Connection

You meet people all the time in your life that are friends, family or loved ones. You might even meet people at your job or strangers. This could be a time where you make strange connections. It is important to look at the signs around the connection that you have with these people. Here are some things they might be doing for you:

Take You to a Different Level

When you make a connection, you might find that you are changing. You feel that you have just met them, but they make you want to be different. They make you change how you are thinking.

This person might give you energies and the changes that you go through in your life might change your world. As you go through things, you find that just having this person in your life is making you feel different.

You may have a connection that ends right away or one that changes you over and over again. It can last a lifetime.

You Understand You More

Someone that is meant to be in your life can help you to know yourself more. They can be a partner that you have been looking for and they show you truth. They are a mirror to you, and they show you who you really are.

This can make it easy for you to handle your life better and to handle the emotions that you have. You find that these people have strong qualities and the show you your worth.

Energy Connection

The connection that you have is more than a physical connection. You have a deep connection that changes your thoughts even when you aren’t with this person.

You might find that you are thinking about this person when they aren’t with you, and you never stop wondering what they are doing. This is often called a cosmic connection and it will influence you forever.

You Never Forget Them

The people that you meet each day are not always rememberable but the ones that you have met that have a strong connection with you might stay in your memory forever even if you don’t speak to them for a long time or ever.

It is hard to remember everyone but the people that have this strong connection will influence you so that you don’t ever stop remembering them.

You Want to Know Them

When you meet people that you want to know more, this can be a strong connection. This can be romantically or just at a friendship level. This is someone important to you.

Completing Each Other

This will be someone that shows you that you have flaws but even loves you beyond them. They work perfectly for you, and they will take your weaknesses and show you that even through these they are important.

Feelings of Calmness and Peace

Once you meet this person you will have peace and calmness. You will have a special someone that you enjoy being around and these feelings will be there to make you stronger. You will never want to leave them.

No Accusing

Even though most relationships are hard, when you are in a relationship like this, there won’t be drama. You will bond with each other, and you won’t be negative or feel that you cannot get along. Even if you don’t agree, you will work it out respectfully and kindly with each other.

No Envy

There will be no envy or jealousy in this situation. You will have no envy and you won’t be possessive of them. You will want this person to be part of you so that you can be a better person. They will help to heal you.

Same and Different

You might be different than this person, but you will have similar thoughts and feelings. You will think the same and there won’t be tension to get along. You will have difference, but these will help you to have stronger bonds.

Signs of a Cosmic Connection

Here are some signs that you are having a cosmic connection:

  • You have mutual respect and you set boundaries that are healthy.
  • You don’t judge or let the ego control you.
  • You go out of the way for each other.
  • You defend and support each other.
  • You feel happy and peaceful when you are with them. You never need to be someone you aren’t.
  • You are drawn to these people even when you are away. You are happy when you are together.
  • You care for each other, so you are honest. You are comfortable enough to tell the truth. You feel happy about who you are.
  • You have a natural flowing relationship. You are able to talk to each other without stopping.
  • You have unconditional love and support, and you don’t have negativity in your relationship.
  • You have values and morals that you share. You have the same goals.
  • You sense when something is wrong with this person, and you are there to help them.
  • You know that you have direction in your life when you meet this person, and you start living the way that you want to.
  • You feel that your life is without issues and problems.
  • You have a strong connection, and you know that they are special.

Soulmate Connections

A soulmate connection is someone that you meet that you have a deep connection with. You know that you are connected even if you don’t know why.

Soulmates are there to show you that you have a purpose and to change your life. They want you to be on the right path and they inspire you and help you to grow in who you are. They are spiritual partners and together you do great things.

You will see that there are signs that show that you are with or that you have met your soulmate. You will recognize them with these signs, and you should be able to know them right away if you trust yourself and your intuition.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are people that you meet in your life that are meant to teach you a lesson. They are there because of a past life contract that you had with them. This kind of connection can be passionate and painful.

These relationships don’t last forever, and they are meant to teach you and so that you can learn. You need to look at this as a positive thing and not something negative. Karmic relationships come without a sign, and you might not even realize you are in one until you are deep into it.

Karmic relationships are not the same as soulmate relationships because they are not healing. They are emotional and they are like a rollercoaster. They are usually one-sided. These relationships often come with bad habits, and you have to learn to heal and move forward. Sometimes people think a twin flame is a karmic relationship.

Twin Flame Connection

Twin flame connections are strong, and they can be spiritual. They will feel like you have known this person forever. You will see that the soul is divided into two parts, and one is yours and one is your soulmate that you will someday reunite with.

The twin flame idea will mean that you will be with this person through stages and then you will see that this can be positive and negative. It will be a challenging relationship and they will mirror your soul. You will see that you have fears and worries and they will bring these out in you.

This is a connection that will also show you what you need and the strengths that you have. You can look at the signs above and find out if you are in a twin flame relationship.

Some of the signs are that you will recognize them immediately, you will have a magnetic pull towards each other, and you will have both positive and negative effects. There will often be breakups and getting back together as things move forward.

Dealing with These Connections

The universe knows what you need and what others need. There are more reasons beyond meeting someone than you know. You have to understand how to deal with these things.

The things that you do with someone you are connected with is a guide to your life. You can follow certain rules, but the best is to listen to your heart and intuition. If you want to stay in this kind of relationship, deal with it in a light where you understand it is positive and negative.

You may not understand things and meeting someone for the first time can be deceptive. You need to be cautious in your relationships and not be blinded when things seem good.

There can be a reason that you should ignore this kind of connection and it could be that you are in a relationship with someone else or that you need to be careful with things because of your past.

Making a Good Connection

Don’t try to find connections and let the universe send them to you. The universe will send this person when the time is right. No matter what is happening, you will have good and bad relationships, but all are learning experiences.

Interact with people and learn to connect on a spiritual level with them. This will happen often in your life and maybe even every day.

Final Thoughts

Look at your connections and see if there are ones that fit with anything written here. Be aware of the signs of the people that you meet. When you meet this special person, notice the bond.

Identify how unique your connection is and see if you can understand what is happening around you. Look at the connections and name them for what they are.

If you aren’t able to recognize the connection, don’t just ignore it but find out why you are having this special connection with someone that you have met.