When You’re a Wounded Healer

Wounded Healer

Are you someone that is a wounded healer or maybe you have no idea what that means. But if you have been someone that has been abused or hurt in your life, this can be what you are. This can be any kind of hurt, mental, physical or emotional and it is a pain that seems to last forever.

A person that has been hurt over and over will sometimes take the feelings that they have and use them to help others. When they are grieving, sick or they have gone through some kind of loss, they will see that their suffering is horrible but that there are others that can benefit from it.

This is what a wounded healer is. The pain doesn’t come from a good place, but the pain can teach you how to be loving and compassionate with others. It can show you that you can take this pain and heal others but at the same time it is allowing you to heal as well.

If you are someone that has lost a loved one such as a child or a parent, you might feel that you can never get over this. You may face things that you find hard and that you might not ever be able to get over it.

Your emotions will probably feel damaged and the scars that you have will cause you to feel that you aren’t able to move forward, but that isn’t true. There is going to be light for you at the end of this. You will be able to find ways to restore your life and you will get the chance to be a better you.

Facing the Pain

No matter what kind of pain you have, it is your pain, and no one can take this away from you. You can feel grief and you can feel hurt and that is something that is actually healthy. The problem with hurt though is it is something that sometimes wants to stay around for too long. When this happens, it can cause you to have emotional problems and bad feelings.

Once you start facing your pain, you can learn to heal, and you can learn to move forward. That is what a wounded healer does, even when they don’t realize it.

Why a Wounded Healer?

A wounded healer is one that will take the pain of others and try to make it better. When they do this, they don’t always realize it, but they are actually healing themselves along the way. The way that they love others brings healing not only to that person but to themselves.

How the Healing Works

Some people will get in jobs that are healing jobs such as being doctors or therapists. This allows them to try and help others to heal while they are hurting. The person that is wounded inside will also heal along the way.

This kind of healing can last a lifetime because not only are they being loving and compassionate to others, but they are also showing the world that they want to see it become a better place.