Animal Meanings and Animal Signs

totem animals

There are different animals that come to give you signs and to guide you. These are your spirit animals or your totem animals. Each of them will come with a message and will give signs. Here are some of the most known animals:


This is an animal that comes when there are spiritual feelings around. They are bright in color, and they are comforting with their presence. They can come and tell you things that you need to know, or they can show up when a loved one that has passed wants you to know that they are near you. When a cardinal comes, it can be a message that your loved one is thinking of you and trying to help you through hard times.

Symbols of the Cardinal

This bird is considered loyal because they have one partner that they mate with for life. They are able to sing to each other to attract them to them and they are a positive sign if you are looking for love and you see one. If you keep seeing cardinals, expect love to find you soon and make a good connection with your partner.

Seeing a Pair of Cardinals

Seeing a pair of cardinals can mean that you need to pay attention to what is going on around you. You might be thinking too much about something and you aren’t paying attention to what really matters. Take a moment and listen to your soul.

  • Wolf

A wolf is a powerful animal that is seen in mythology and other spiritual works. The wolf can help with the universe and can come to you in dreams.

      • Intuition

If you have a hard time and you see the wolf, know that the universe is coming to tell you that things are okay. Learn to trust your intuition and let it guide you.

      • Power

The wolf is powerful, and this can come when you need to have your own power and confidence in your life.

      • Death and Rebirth 

The wolf can mean that there is death and pain coming. In Norse mythology, this character is a symbol of destruction. Native American tribes see the wolf as a symbol of death and rebirth. The wolf doesn’t mean you are going to die but it can show you that some things in your life need to come to an end.

If you keep seeing a wolf, talk to a psychic to help you find out what this means for your life.

  • Fox

A fox is an important animal, and it can come to you when you need to deal with something hard in your life. They can help you when you are in a challenging situation and when you need to deal with a problem that is in your life. You need to trust your instincts and let the fox guide you to the best solution.

      • Social Problems

If you are dealing with social problems, the fox can show up to let you know that there is someone that is trying to trick you. Notice who you are working around and who you are letting in your life. Use the things in your life to make the best of situations.

      • Personality

If you feel connected to the fox, chances are this is your spiritual animal, and you need to use this to help you get out of situations that are tricky or hard.

  • Owl

The owl is a bird that is smart and mystical. They are able to come to you to send you important messages. If you see an owl, you need to look around you and find out what is going on in your situation. Let the owl tell you things and warn you and learn to listen.

      • Death

An owl is often associated with death, and this is even part of the tarot. This doesn’t mean that someone will die a literal death, but it can mean death of something in life or a situation.

      • Kinds of Owls

There are different kinds of owls that can be there to help you through different situations such as:

          • Barn owl: Can mean financial struggles.
          • Barred Owl: Competition.
          • Burrowing Owl: Spiritual ideas.
          • Screech owl: Knowing your own self.
          • Great Horned Owl: Setting goals.
          • Long-Eared Owl: Creativity.
          • Snowy Owl: Peace and joy.
  • Rabbit

The rabbit can come to send you a message and can mean that something good is coming in your life. It can mean that things are coming such as:

        • Good fortune.
        • Creative pursuits.
        • Strong intuition.
        • Growth.

The rabbit can mean things like being cleaver, creative, wealthy, and having good fertility.

    • Connecting with the Rabbit

If you keep seeing a rabbit, it can mean that you are being creative and that something dangerous is coming to you. A rabbit senses fear and it can come to warn you that a threat is coming.

    • Cultures and Rabbits

Rabbits show up in many cultures and Native Americans see them as a trickster and a trouble maker. The German goddess Eostre associates with the rabbit and fertility and the rabbit is also associated with easter.

  • Hummingbird

This bird is an animal that can move its wings super-fast. They are symbolic that a message is trying to come to you. They are playful and they are something that shows up when you should be having joy and happiness. They are able to respond to change quickly and they are the only bird that can fly backwards. They are adaptable creatures, and they will go long distances to migrate and travel through life.

    • Spirit Animal

If you see a hummingbird often, this might be your spirit animal. They come to you to tell you to enjoy life and to be happy. Keep your heart open to joy and don’t forget to let good things come to your life. 

Even though this bird is small, it can represent big things like your psychic gifts. It can inspire you and help you understand your problems.

    • Praying Mantis

This creature is one that is rare to see. If you see it, the universe is giving you a message, but you need to be quiet to hear it.

    • Guiding 

A Praying Mantis will come to you to guide you and is seen as a powerful thing in many different cultures. It was known in Ancient Greek to be a prophet and they believe that this creature guides those that are lost.

If you see a Praying Mantis, this can be a sign to make sure that you are safe and that you are moving in the right way.

    • Be Quiet

Take time to be quiet and to meditate and if you see this creature know that it waits quietly when it has to attack its prey. It is full of skills, and it never needs to hide or to be afraid. If the universe is trying to show you something, don’t ignore it. Don’t get in a place where you have to always be loud but take time to journal and to meditate through your life. Take time to be quiet and to reflect on who you are and what you need.

  • Eagle

The bald eagle can come when the universe needs to get your attention. This animal can show you that you need to have courage and strength. The universe can send the eagle when you need to be confident and successful. Set goals and reach them.

    • Changing Your View

The eagle goes high in the sky and sometimes you need to change your perspective on who you see things. Take your visions and elevate them and look at things from a spiritual perspective.

    • Enlightenment

This animal can be there to guide you towards your enlightenment. If you need to move forward and align your beliefs, you can do that. Check to make sure that you aren’t all about yourself, but you are being about others.

  • Snake

A snake can come to you in order for you to hear something important in your life. This snake can mean that you need to be grounded and you need to focus on your own energies. If you need to be healed, two snakes around a pole called a Caduceus means healing. This was when someone would look at the snakes and the healing would come to them. 

If the universe is showing you snakes all the time, it might mean that you are in need of some kind of healing or that you need to up your energies. Listen to what the snakes are telling you.

    • Let Go of the Past

Snakes will leave their skin and continue in their lives. They will be a symbol for you that it is time for you to let go of the past and move forward in your life. Don’t let things stop you from reaching your own true power.

    • Ladybug

This is an insect that catches your attention. The universe can be giving you a message by sending you this insect. If you see a lot, it can mean that good things are coming to you. Even if you have challenges, it won’t stop you from reaching your goals.

    • Time

It can be hard to get things done and if you see the ladybug then you need to have peace in getting things done that you need to complete. Have confidence in yourself and see that things will work out in time.

    • Happiness

This is an insect that might be your spirit animal and it means that you can have positive energies. You will feel better about your life if you see this often.

  • Crow

The crow is an animal that is very demanding, and they can be loud. They want you to give them what they want and if you see them eating then this can be a sign that you are on your right path. They can mean that wealth is coming your way.

    • Be Thoughtful

When you see the crow be thought of the things around you and notice if you are being selfish or if you are on the right path.

    • Death

Crows are often associated with death, but this can be death of something negative in your life and doesn’t mean a phyiscal death.

  • Spider

The spider is a powerful spiritual animal and if you see this then you will see that the spider is sending you a message. You might see spiders in your dreams, and this can be a beautiful thing if you see their amazing webs. The universe might be telling you that your dreams are important, and you need to get them to become reality.

    • Creativity

When you look at the creativity of the spider you can see that if you have this as your spirit animal then you are creative and smart.

    • Time

The spider can come in your dream to tell you that life is moving on. Don’t let time hold back what you want to do.

  • Bear

Seeing a lot of bears in images or in person can mean that your spirit guides want to tell you something. They often want to tell you to be brave and to have confidence. The mama bear is one that is strong and a great leader and will help you if you need protected.

    • Messages

A bear can send you a message to have strength and to not give up. If you want to be successful and you are a good leader, you can see that the bear will be there to guide you. You can hibernate like the bear, or you can meditate and work towards your path.