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A Message from You Deceased Pet

Losing a beloved pet is tough, but it is also a natural part of life. Like most people who have lost a special pet, you may want to receive a message from your pet that has crossed over. Animal communicators often have the opportunity to be with a pet in the stages of dying, sometimes during and even after. They can help us learn about the animal in this experience and that fact that animals want ...[Read More]


When you are clairsentient it means you sense things in the psychic realm. You have clear feelings and you are able to sense the energies of people around you. Everyone has psychic gifts and some people do not even realize it. Some of the biggest gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and psychometry. Those that have psychic gifts can help others to understand the energy world and ...[Read More]

The Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness with an initiation into the expanded sense of awareness with cosmic intelligence that transcends fear. Confusion and the lies of the physical world will fade as you reconnect with the higher consciousness and have a full realization of both love and peace that exists in every moment. This path is two fold, including both deconstruction of the lower s...[Read More]

Cosmic Information

Universal signs can come to people by higher powers and this is cosmic information that can help you along your paths. The more attention you pay to what is happening around the world, the more will happen. Life is not full of coincidences and people need to understand that the universe will work on your own reaction, but the plan does not. Cosmic information comes to you through your energy field...[Read More]

How Empaths Navigate Love

Empaths are individuals who have such heightened senses they can not just interpret a person’s inner world, but they experience on a visceral level.  This can lead to some adventures in dating and romance.  If you are someone you care about may be an empath, here a few tips to make navigating love a bit easier. Intensity handling emotions Empaths aren’t capable of ignoring or hiding feelings.  Bec...[Read More]

What to Do with Gifts, Other than Psychic Readings

Being blessed with being a medium can seem like a death sentence in which you must spend life doing readings, it is not necessarily the case. While readings are a common source of income, psychic gifts can be put to work in other areas. Some of these areas will be shared below. Energetic or Physical Healing Often, people who can sense the spirit and connect with their guides receive clairvoyant, c...[Read More]

When You Feel Unloved

When you feel that no one loves you, it will cause you to have envy and to be burnt out on life.  It is okay that you feel bad when this happens, but you have to learn to control these feelings. Everyone wants to be loved and this is something that is almost as important as eating or breathing.  This is a need that is real for everyone, When you feel unloved, you don’t think that you matter to any...[Read More]

Signs You Are a Medium

When you become a medium, chances are you want to develop your gifts and show people what you can do.  You will see that there are areas in your life that might not make sense to you, but you will realize that this is not a problem that you have or a disease, but it’s a gift.  When you see that this is a gift and you see that you have strong abilities, you will try to connect your friends and your...[Read More]

Are Your Dreams Real?

Have you ever dreamed when you were a child and went to your parents’ room because you were scared and felt the dream was real?  Have you ever had them tell you that it was just a dream?  These people made you feel better and made you feel safe. This is one of the biggest reasons that people do not pay attention to their dreams.  They feel that they are not real or that they are not important beca...[Read More]

What to Know Before Getting a Psychic Reading

Getting a general reading is not always a good idea because even though you think that a psychic should know what you are thinking, this is not always the case.  If you get a psychic advisor, you will want to make sure that you have one that is perfect for you. Some psychic advisors do not do general readings, while others do.  You can almost guarantee that if someone is spending money getting a t...[Read More]

Friday the 13th is NOT Unlucky

Friday the 13th is the day that seems to let all the fears and superstitions that exist out to play. This day is even spookier when a full moon also occurs, which will not happen until 2049, but still, we know the day as one with ominous overtones. So, why does Friday the 13th hold this scary, superstitious meaning? In general, the number 13 is thought to be highly unlucky, even though in classic ...[Read More]

How to Avoid Phony Psychics

Not all psychics are created equal.  Unfortunately, a lot of individuals have bad intentions.  This is especially true of a scam artist who falsely claims they are intuitive.  People seek out a psychic during crossroads of their life and typically can be experience significant anxiety about a potential decision.  It can be difficult to tell the legitimacy of a psychic, especially during times of d...[Read More]