What to Do with Gifts, Other than Psychic Readings

What to Do with Gifts, Other than Readings

Being blessed with being a medium can seem like a death sentence in which you must spend life doing readings, it is not necessarily the case. While readings are a common source of income, psychic gifts can be put to work in other areas. Some of these areas will be shared below.

Energetic or Physical Healing

Often, people who can sense the spirit and connect with their guides receive clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient messages in regards to healing solutions. If you happen to be a nutritionist or herbalist, you can tap into your connection to be guided to the supplement or tincture to heal a given client. If you happen to be an energy healer, you can ask your guides for direction as to which body part the client requires the most work on so your clients leave the session pleased.

Coaching or Counseling

A single reading that is delivered by the spirits can be like having a year of therapy. If you are blessed with the ability to sense or hear spirits or even channel a higher guide, than coaching, counseling, or therapy may be a great option. Abilities can be marketed to clients as you channel their guides or simply gain advice from your own. Divine guidance is profoundly healing so connecting with spirits can be accessed to gain needed wisdom that can change lives.

Photography and Design

Ancestors and loved one can have wonderful ideas when it comes to being more successful in business. This can lea to abundance and improvement in your own life. The gift of mediumship can allow you to connect with spirits and guides that can be beneficial in photography and design. A spirit can guide you to place certain objects or frame photos in a certain way for the best outcome. Remember, their goal is to help you create your best life, so invite them into your work. You may be surprised to find that you are getting new and better ideas with their help.

Creative Writing, Composing Painting

Art based areas are a wonderful place for those with the gift of mediumship. Think of all the songs we hear that feel like they are stirring the spirit, sending a message. Often, songwriters use clairvoyance and claircognizance to recognize or receive lyrics while writing or reading. The lyrics come from their spirits and can be delivered in masse as a message needed for the collective. The same holds true for composers, writers, or even painters.

If you have mediumship gifts, do not feel you are resigned to reading as a form of income or lifestyle. Though this is an option, it is far from the only option. Start building the relationship with your spirit and ask for help with ideas, inspiration, guidance, and healing as needed. Use your connection to improve your own life and the life of others in a variety of ways. There are always options with the gift of mediumship, the goal is to look beyond the gift and allow it to help you as you go through life.