A Message from You Deceased Pet

A Message from You Deceased Pet

Losing a beloved pet is tough, but it is also a natural part of life. Like most people who have lost a special pet, you may want to receive a message from your pet that has crossed over. Animal communicators often have the opportunity to be with a pet in the stages of dying, sometimes during and even after. They can help us learn about the animal in this experience and that fact that animals want to communicate, even from the other side. The great news is, there is no need to be psychic to receive the messages they are sending from the other side.

 There are several instances that communicators and animal owners have experienced as their pet passed or after.

  • A visual of the animal in the sky as he passed over. Only the owner saw, but it was for them.
  • Another pet actually offered her owner inspiration for a hit song.
  • One dog chose to send their owner a message ahead of time to create the perfect setting for letting go.

While none of the events alone are given to only psychics, they were still special. Not one of these owners was a psychic or considered themselves to be. Animals that have crossed over work hard to make sure we catch their messages of love, even when they are unique to only us. A few examples include:

  • A dog appearing in their human’s dream, not just to say hello, but to tell her to quit her job because it was time.
  • One little girl’s cat sat on her bed all night, being petted, even though she had crossed over.
  • Some owners hear their dog’s bark long after they are gone.

Even in these examples, there were no claimed intuitive abilities. These animals were obviously special and part of the family when alive. They want to work toward communicating to let us know it is time to go or that they are happy having crossed over the bridge. It may not be easy for those of us who are left behind, but they want us to love them and move on. We always have the chance to make a difference in the life of another pet. They may never be the same, but they will be meaningful when we are ready. Animals are special for so many reasons, only one of which is unconditional love. This love keeps going even when they have passed over, so they send messages. Open yourself up to these extra special messages that they are working to send. When you get one, it will last a lifetime.