Determining Your Personality and Future Through a Natal Birth Chart

Natal Birth Chart

When it comes to determining an individual’s personality traits and what their future has in store for them, astrologers often rely on a natal birth chart. Of course, as most who are into astrology or psychic readings may know, it’s our past that gives way to understanding and shaping our future. In reading our past, a natal birth chart (sometimes also referred to as the Astrology birth chart) is a useful method. Astrologers use the natal birth chart to gauge the positions of the Earth, moon, and sun in relation to the time and date of our births.

Natal Birth ChartOnce you’ve given an astrologer the time, date, and place of your birth, then he or she will be able to plot out a natal birth chart for you. They will use the information you’ve provided to determining what the exact planetary positions were at your exact time of birth. Even things as specific as latitude and longitude are taken into consideration while the astrologer is mapping out your natal birth chart. So, the process is definitely very specific, therefore offering equally specific insight into your past and future.

Giving accurate and specific information to your astrologer is very important so that he or she will be able to plot an equally accurate natal birth chart. This means the it’s essential to know your exact time of birth as well as exact time of birth. Without the exact, accurate information, the natal birth chart he or she comes up with will pretty much be useless. That’s because astrologers need to be able to determine the placements of the planets, sun, and moon, which is the heart of the natal birth chart.

Your personality traits are determined by the placement of the planets, sun, and moon when you were born, For example, let’s say that you were born January 1st in the year 1962 in the city of Dublin, Ireland at the exact time of 12:17 UT. If an astrologer were to do a natal birth chart with that precise information, he or she would be able to determine that the sun was in ten degrees of Capricorn at the time of birth. That means he or she could then determine that you would tend to be a very serious and mature person and a highly capable person, especially when taking on assigned responsibilities.

So, obtaining a natal birth chart can be a highly useful tool when it comes to wanting to understand your past, your personality, and what your future may hold. There are plenty of highly gifted psychic and talented astrologers out there who will be able to help plot out a natal birth chart for you.