Discover the Psychic Ability of Empaths

Psychic Ability of Empaths

If you have ever been told you were too sensitive or have known what a friend or loved one was feeling before they ever said a word, then you are likely an empath. This article tackles what empaths are and what special abilities they hold.

Empath Defined

Empaths are people who feel deeply. They feel the emotions of others whether they wish to or not. The reason for this is that empathic people have chakras that are more open than those of others. When they are interacting with different people, they pick up on thoughts, feelings, and physical concerns without the other person saying a word. Many empaths see their ability as a curse, but it is a gift to be embraced and integrated into our lives. Being aware of the ability allows you to use your empathy to serve instead of hinder.

Psychic Abilities of Empaths

  • Physical Healing – Some empaths are able to feel the physical symptoms of others, but also the ability to heal and transform the health of others. People endowed with the ability make good acupuncturists, doctors, massage therapists or others with similar healing occupations.
  • Emotional Healing – An emotional empath picks up on the emotions of others. They can feel and understand the emotions of others. This is both positive and negative because you can feel happiness as your own, but can also easily be exhausted by negative emotions. This type of empath will thrive as a counselor, therapist, or even mentor. However, you need to practice differentiating between your own emotions and that of others.
  • Psychometry – Psychometry is the empathic ability to receive impressions, energy, and information from physical objects and places. This can include jewelry, pictures, and locations, among other things. Some mediums possess this gift as well. The ideal career for such an empath would be as a historian, investigator, antique dealer, or even product designer. Empaths with this ability must be careful when picking up objects as it could have a traumatic history that can lead to being overwhelmed. Objects that have a dark energy should be cleansed prior to touching as a form of protecting personal energy.
  • Animal Empathy – Animal empaths can sense the needs and feelings of animals. This means they can sense what the animal wants and positively influence the behaviors of these animals. They are animal whisperers in the truest form. Due to this connection, they are often vegan or vegetarian and inclined to work with animals as trainers, vets, or even zoologists.
  • Plant Empathy – These empaths are attuned to the needs of plants and connect with their overall essence. People with this empathic ability are excellent landscapers and gardeners because they know what a plant needs. They love to be around plants and most will have a home garden or backyard full of plants.
  • Earth Empathy – Earth empaths are connected to the Earth and can sense changes such as astrological changes, weather, and ocean tides. They can be energetically affected by natural disasters, environmental harm, and natural disasters. These empaths serve well as meteorologists or even astronomers.

Managing Empathy Without Being Drained

  • Set Boundaries – Once you can identify energy vampires, limit the time spent with them. This will protect your energy.
  • Meditate – Empaths easily get caught up in the things going on around them. Set time to recharge and tune in through a few minutes of meditation each day. Imagine a protective bubble where negative energy cannot get inside.
  • Nature – Nature can be healing so spend as much time as possible outdoors. This is rejuvenating.
  • Love Yourself – This is highly important as an empath, so care for yourself. Honor and embrace your feelings as you listen to your own emotions and thoughts.

Being an empath is not necessarily easy. You will need guidance to find balance in your life. Recognize that being an empath is a blessing and challenge, but also a type of superpower. Embrace the ability and experience  great joy.