Putting the cosmos in order

Putting the cosmos in order

The power of positive thinking and creative energy are combined through cosmic ordering.  This allows us to bring about anything we want. The only conditions in this cosmic ordering is that you be open and comfortable with the universe. Do not worry, simply create the image of what you want. As you hold the request in your heart, release the request into the universe. Next, just relax and wait.  This may be the hardest thing to do.

You may ask how this works. Generally speaking, we are all connected at some level.  We have energy in our thoughts and we can use this energy to help us manifest what we desire.  It is hard to understand, but it works.

We have all had the experience of having someone cross your mind who you haven’t thought about in years. After they appear in you mind, you suddenly find them on the other end of a phone call or email.  Somehow the energy in our thoughts bring us what we want and need. You can use this energy by being open and positive and relaxed. When we close our minds we allow anxiety and negativity  to kill our dreams.  If you find yourself thinking negative thoughts, you might want to do some clearing meditation to help you move the blockages to your success.  We are sometimes our own worst enemies. We don’t think we are worthy of our heart’s desires, so we shoot ourselves down with negativity. Ordering the cosmos works when we believe  in ourselves.

You can practice ordering the cosmos by asking for small things. This will help you sharpen your skills and build your confidence.  The most important thing is that you must be open and aware so that you are able to see how your request is being filled.  Keep focused and keep an open mind.

It is not unknown that people who take the time and effort to wright down their goal have a better chance of achieving them.  When you think your dreams are possible, your mind opens and you become aware of the opportunities that are in front of you.  By throwing out positivity, you will get positivity back.  Positivity also works by bringing you better health. If you are thinking positively, it will reduce your stress. Stress harms you by dragging to poor choices. It can also hurt your immune system.

Since you have nothing to lose, you might as well try ordering the cosmos.