How to Avoid Phony Psychics

How to Avoid Phony Psychics

Not all psychics are created equal.  Unfortunately, a lot of individuals have bad intentions.  This is especially true of a scam artist who falsely claims they are intuitive.  People seek out a psychic during crossroads of their life and typically can be experience significant anxiety about a potential decision.  It can be difficult to tell the legitimacy of a psychic, especially during times of distress.  Fake psychics are master deceivers and capitalize on a client’s susceptibility to suggestions or creating blanket readings designed to give people answers the public typically most wants to hear.  By using the following tips, you can become more informed to locate the true intuitive and avoid the frauds.

1) Phony Mediums give Cold Readings

Fake mediums ask leading questions to discover clues to improve their guesses about impactful messages for you.  They are fishing with the hope that you take the bait and tell them key points to shape their answer into something you want to hear.  This is vastly different from qualified psychics who ask a number of questions but are rooted in more certainty.  Take for instance the difference in the way the following question is asked:

Scam:  Who is the person I see that has recently died?  It seems like someone you who you loved deeply.

Intuitive:  I see a man near you who passed of cancer.  Has your father recently died?  I’m being shown that he wants to advise you to stop smoking.

It is ok for psychics to present their readings in terms of asking you a question of what they are sense rather than presenting it as fact.  An intuitive may ask if something makes sense to you to make sure they relay the best information to you possible.  A fraud will pose questions in ways for you to blurt out an answer they can then manipulate to give you the answer you want to hear, where as an intuitive confirms the validity of a message you need to hear.

2) Scam Artists frame readings in generality than provide evidence.

A medium will preface messages by identify the spirit sending you a message.  You can expect to hear their name, how they died, when they passed and key traits of theirs.  It’s worrisome if your psychic is making blanket statements having you fill in the gaps.  You are looking to receive a message from your psychic.  If you fill yourself weaving the story, you might be working with a fraud.

3) Fake psychics often claim people are cursed.

If someone tells you they can remove a spell on you for set price – RUN!  Scammers relay on fear tactics to receive money.  Intuitive people use their gifts to help you multiple your blessings and seek to promote light and healing energies.

4) Fraudulent mediums ask for sensitive data (bank account, social security number, or passwords)

Gifted psychics know you on an energetic level and serve to be your partner in spiritual growth.  If someone claims to need personal information from you like your driver license number, it a telling sign you are about to be scammed.  End the session immediate and report the individual to the authorities like the Better Business Bureau and your state Attorney General’s office.