Remote Viewing Explained

Remote Viewing Explained

Remote viewing is commonly experienced when you recognize that you have information you don’t remember acquiring. That, of course, is the unconscious version; psychics can master remote viewing and use it to their advantage at their will. Read on to find out more.


As our introduction suggests, remote viewing entails the obtaining of information without using the five senses (smell, sight, sound, touch, or taste). Psychics generally utilize their extrasensory perception to make remote viewing happen.

These visions can often be confused for intuition. However, authentic psychics can control their remote viewing outside of random episodes; they may use totems to facilitate their episodes, most of which rely on visual or auditory material.

Isn’t That Just Astral Projection?

The general idea is very similar; remote viewing and astral projection both allow for the experience of another time or space without actually being there themselves.

However, astral projection relies on the projection of one’s astral body into the tempo-spatial realm itself, and therefore requires the psychic to undergo and out-of-body experience. Remote viewing, on the other hand, requires only the observation of other tempo-spatial realms, and therefore is not nearly as exhausting as astral projection.

Furthermore, remote viewing is a much quicker and much more temporary practice that requires hardly any preparation. Sessions of astral projection, on the other hand, can take hours, meaning that remote viewing is not only preferable to many psychics but is also better for them in general.

How Does It Work?

As with astral projection, psychics must possess the gift of extrasensory perception in order for remote viewing to work. Furthermore, the psychic attempting remote viewing must also have a specific goal in mind.

To begin, the psychic’s mind must be completely empty; this can be accomplished through meditation. It is important, once begun, to control one’s imagination properly; if personal judgements are allowed to be affixed to the content seen, this may compromise the vision. Psychics must be careful only to record the basics without embellishment.

A final requirement is that the psychic conducting the remote viewing should be able to interpret their visions properly. This, or course, cannot come without practice, so you should only contact an experienced psychic to undergo this life-changing experience.