Ways of Knowing the Reason You Incarnated

Ways of Knowing the Reason You Incarnated

“Why did I come here? What’s my purpose in life? Why did I incarnate?” are the frequently asked questions when I do readings to clients.

Individuals are brought into the earth with an intention and not with a purpose. For example, you might decide to go to Disney with an intention of riding on the Matterhorn or the Teacups but end up not riding on them and that’s still okay.

There are intentions you can set before you incarnate. You might have different intentions, and whatever that intention is, it’s a connection with your spiritual DNA. You might forget your intentions but it’s there locked in your mind’s vault and can be unlocked and remembered.

Below are ways you can know why you incarnated:

What makes you happy?

You should know what makes you happy since your life intention should make you happy.  What do you engage in mostly when you are free? Write down what makes you happy and investigate it for clues.

What makes you heartbroken?

This is also another question that you should ask yourself. Is it seeing poor children? Is it cutting down of trees?

If you can identify what makes you heartbroken then you’ll have an idea why you might have incarnated.

If you help in fixing things that you feel is broken, then your soul will be fulfilled.

What are those evident patterns?

Discover patterns in your life.

Are you always requested to speak at events? When people have emotional problems, do they usually come to you?

Your spirit usually guides you into the direction of your intentions. You might find a clue on why you want to be here if you look at things that keep happening to you.

What are your dreams?

That thing you’ve been thinking about but doesn’t think you have the capability of doing may be a clue to your life’s intentions.

“I have always wished to be a motivational speaker, but my doubt is, nobody will pay attention to me.”

Your dreams are very important. What if you are afraid to pursue your entire life intention which was to come here and do something big? That will make you regret a lot.

Discover your biggest dreams. Even if you can’t figure out immediately how you are going to achieve them, then at least discover them. When you do that, every good thing starts coming your way. Agree to the fact that those dreams exist.

Request for Insight

You can inquire from your spirit guides or higher self why you incarnated. You can book a session with me if you are afraid of speaking to them directly and I’ll tune in then let you know why came here.  This is because being aware of the reason why you came here brings you fulfillment and joy. Your guides will also direct you on how to achieve your life intentions.

After remembering your life intentions, your focus will now be on achieving them or letting them go. You cannot be judged if you change your mind, therefore, you don’t necessarily have to do what you came to do.