Common Myths about Psychics

Common Myths about Psychics

Psychic readers use intuition to provide their clients with psychic guidance. Some use divination tools, such as tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology, and numerology to provide you with specific personal guidance. Some psychics consult with spirit guide. Others connect you with your deceased loved ones.

So, while the means may differ, all of the results are similar: they will help you more clearly see your path forward. Following are five common myths about psychic readers that I’m sharing to help you as you seek your own psychic reader.

  1. Psychics are mind readers.

Psychics don’t read minds. They read energy. Good psychic readers will be able to sense how clients feel and what’s going on in their energy fields. They’ll pick up on why you’re feeling what you’re feeling, and sense the struggles you may be facing related to an upcoming decision.

She’ll offer you guidance about which choice will be best for you. But she likely won’t be able to tell you your date of birth or your favorite song. Good psychics don’t bother trying to read minds, because the real, deeper information is not stored there. It’s found only in your soul-field and in your heart.

If a psychic needs specific factual information about you, she’ll just ask you for it. An astrologer may ask you for the exact time, date, and place of your birth. A psychic medium may ask you for the names of the deceased loved ones you want to connect with. The answers you provide are the means to receive a good psychic reading, not the ends.

  1. Psychics know everything all the time.

Psychics are people. People get tired. That’s the reason why your favorite psychic is offline and unavailable sometimes! Psychic practice is demanding work. Psychics need varying amounts of “me-time” to rest and recharge their own batteries. They can’t work 24/7, 365.

Psychics can’t possibly know everything. That’s simply against human nature. Just like everybody else, every psychic is on their own journey. They always have more to learn and to explore. There’s always room to grow.

Even when they’re receiving help from spirit guides, they’ll only have access to the information that matters in the moment. In this way, psychics act like channels. They connect you to the information that you need.

  1. Psychics should always be correct.

If psychics receive information from supernatural entities or from tools such as tarot cards, then it must always be true, right?


This information is just a small peek into your life. It doesn’t involve the whole picture. You’ll hear only what you need to hear in that specific moment so you can make your decision armed with as much information as possible. You may need to hear a certain truth so you can grow in the process of trying to prevent something from happening.

Your future isn’t set in stone. You have a wide array of possibilities lying ahead of you. That’s why it’s not called “psychic enforcement,” it’s called “psychic advice!”

Psychics won’t pressure you to choose a certain path, and they can’t walk your path for you. Even if you consult multiple psychics, you will still have to make your choices and you will still own your life. The psychic information you receive only serves to help you change your future.

  1. Intuition equals psychic abilities.

You can’t be a chef if you can only cook pasta. Intuition is just one small part of being a psychic. It’s certainly an important part, but it’s still just a small part.

Many psychics receive years of training at esoteric schools. They become proficient in a wide variety of techniques, including cartomancy, spiritual channeling, tarot reading, and so on. They also learn to clear their field, meditate, and ground their energies before giving readings.

Being a professional psychic is real work. It’s a career. Psychics spend years honing their gifts, expanding their skills, becoming more proficient, and building a satisfied client base. They have areas of specialization, such as love and relationships, careers and finances, health and wellness, or other life matters. Merely possessing intuition does not guarantee one will become a successful psychic.

  1. All psychics are mediums.

A significant difference separates psychics from psychic mediums. A psychic can see the past, the present, and the future. Psychics travel in the dimension of time in the physical realm. But psychic mediums move beyond the perimeters of our physical realm to connect with the spiritual realm. Plus, a completely different skill set is required by each.

Before you select your own psychic, be sure that you know what it is that you’re looking for. Not every psychic is proficient in all of the psychic abilities. Do your research, check their backgrounds, and read their profiles to see if they can deliver what you’re seeking.