Angel Color and Lights

Angel Color and Lights

The colors of the rainbow give us happiness and show us beauty of the universe. There are lights that are refracted into light that can cause the rainbow colors to show up when the sun is out. There are rays that represent the angels and the way that they work in the lives of others.

When you think about angels that work with different colors, you see that you can talk to them and ask them to help you.

Colors of Light Rays

There are angel colors that are based on the different rays of lights and here they are:

  • Blue-power, faith, love, courage, strength.
  • Yellow-being able to make good decisions.
  • Pink-love and peace.
  • White-having purity and being holy.
  • Green-healing and good finances.
  • Red-being wise.
  • Purple-having mercy and grace.

There are different angels that can help you when you talk to them and listen to them.


Some people believe that the angels use colors because of the energies of the colors. The angels will attract the energy, and some believe that the colors are just there to symbolize the different angels because they are pretty and impressive.

Colors of Angels

There are different angels that work with different colors and here they are:

  • Michael-uses blue.
  • Jophiel-is a beautiful angel, works with thought, uses yellow.
  • The white color represents Gabriel who gives revelation.
  • Raphael is represented by green and helps to bring healing.
  • Uriel uses red and has a lot of wisdom.
  • Zadkiel is the purple color and is a merciful angel.


When you meditate you can use candles that are the color that fits your angel or what you are asking for. Use the candles and burn them to call out to your angel.


Crystals come in different colors and if you want to reach a certain angel, use the color of the crystal that corresponds with the angel you are reaching out to.

These colors can benefit your mind, body and soul and help you to heal. Some people will choose different crystals that have to do with the energy of their angel, and they use them by keeping them in their pocket or by wearing them on their body.


People will use parts of their body to talk to the angels. The body has 7 different chakras and they are all based in different parts of the body.

Linking the angels to the colors and the chakras can help you to reach your guides when you need them.

When you are meditating, there are things you can do to get their energies. There are ways you can communicate with your chakras to help open them up such as walking, going in nature, wearing certain colors and more.


Everyone celebrates seven days a week and there is an angel that is assigned to each day of the week. People can focus their meditation on the angels and can speak to their angels on the day they are assigned.