When you are clairsentient it means you sense things in the psychic realm. You have clear feelings and you are able to sense the energies of people around you.

Everyone has psychic gifts and some people do not even realize it. Some of the biggest gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and psychometry.

Those that have psychic gifts can help others to understand the energy world and can help them to reach new levels in life.

Not everyone in the world are as gifted as others and this is because some people do not take time to develop their gifts. If you have a gut feeling, where you feel like you know more than you have information for, this is intuition, and this is a psychic gifting that you have.

Having intuition can help you in every aspect of your life. When you sense the feelings of others and you know and understand how they work it can be good for your life.

Clairsentient in Daily Life

People use their clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities each day such as doctors that have a good feeling that their patient has something wrong in their mental state and can diagnose them more effectively.

Spiritual healers are people that can know the energy field of others and help to find sicknesses or diseases and there are even detectives that can sense things with others.

Some teachers are strong in their abilities and they can tell when a child has a hard life at home and some parents are able to know and understand the needs of their children.

A psychiatrist might have strong psychic giftings and be able to read their client even though they are completely silent or writers and artists that can express their emotions and help others.

Finding Out Your Gifting

Having a psychic gift can be great but it can also be scary at first. Many people think that they have something wrong with their mental health and even if you think you have a gift, you should not ignore this and seek medical advice.

But if you think that you are gifted with the clair giftings, you can learn to deal with this and take care of yourself in the process. Here are some ways you can take care of your life and embrace your giftings:

  • Find other people with the gift and reach out to them.
  • Use your psychic gift to be creative.
  • Help others.
  • Listen to music to soothe you.
  • Use your gift in your work.
  • Read about your gift so that you can educate yourself.

Signs of Being Clairsentient

There are many signs that you can see when you are gifted with clairsentient. Here are some of the giftings:

Emotionally Tired

One of the things with being gifted in psychic abilities is that the energy is strong inside of you and if you are sensitive to other peoples energies then you can find that you are tired after being around people. This happens because not only do you have your own problems, but you are also picking up the problems of other people.

If you feel that you just need to take some time out or you need to leave work early or disconnect from the internet for a while, chances are you are just drained because of all of the emotions and moods that you have to deal with each day.

Never feel bad about this because this is one of the clairsentient signs. You can allow yourself to have some alone time and it is only natural that you would need this to keep your sanity.

Learn to live with this gift and you will see your life change and adjust. When you realize that you are tired after being around large groups of people, you will see that you can regulate this.

Hard Days

If you have friends that you can sense their emotions and feelings, chances are you are clairsentient. This means you have a detector of emotions and even though you can become overwhelmed at times, this is an amazing gift to have.

This is a blessing and a curse at the same time because you can help your friends and family, but you pick up so many emotions that it can wear you at.

If things get too hard, do not worry about taking time to sleep in and taking time to relax and rest. Your family and friends would want you to rest and refill your energies.

Knowing the energies of other people that are close to you can drain you so if you need to distance from them for a while, text them and tell them you care but take a break.

Room Energy

When you walk into a room and feel weird about it or feel that something bad has happened, chances are it has, and your gift of clairsentience is kicking in. When you have this gift, you can feel the energy that is in a room.

Your body and mind will tell you that something is wrong with the place you are at and this can happen because maybe there was an argument or something bad that happened right before you got there. You are not crazy; you just have a gift.

If you are uncomfortable in a room, leave it and go somewhere where you can pull yourself together and avoid crowds for a while.

Being gifted in clairsentience can give you happiness but it can also cause your mental health to decline. You will feel like you are losing your mind and that your negative energies are strong.

Make a clean break and take some time for yourself.

Emotional Movies

Everyone can get emotional watching movies that are heartbreaking but when you are clairsentience, you will feel the emotions of others and even after the movie is over, you might feel tired and drained.

The movie is meant to make you feel things but if you have these giftings it can be even stronger, and this is a sign you have the clair giftings.

Crowded Areas

Do you have an obsession with keeping things neat and clean? Do you feel like you need to get rid of clutter in your home and in your mind?

Do some places make you feel claustrophobic? Do you ever feel out of place when you are in a certain place? Being connected to your environment can be one the traits of having clairsentience.

If you are bothered by things that are cluttered or messy, it can be a big sign.


Do you have people that are always telling you that you are overly sensitive? Has anyone ever called you an empath? If you answered yes to this, this is because you are gifted with clairsentience. This means you are an empath and you feel the feelings of others.

People that have these gifts have energy and feel energy strongly. Maybe your family or friends are going through something hard and they feel that you are the only one that understands. Pay attention to this gift.

Gut Feeling

If you are almost always right when you meet new people or go to new places, chances are you are clairsentient.

Maybe your friend is dating someone, and you know something is wrong with them or you meet someone, and you get a bad feeling and find out they are a complete jerk. Your gut feeling is there to help you sense these energies and being by them just for a short time will show you the answers you need.

It is important that you do not attract to people that are full of drama or fakeness because they will give your clair senses a whirl.


Have you met someone and felt that you knew them even though you have never seen them before?

Or maybe you have gone to buy a car with your friend, and you could tell that they were instantly trying to scam your friend? Your instincts are usually correct. This happens because you are able to read the motives of others and this is part of your clairsentience gift.

Use your gift to help your friends and to tell them when they meet someone knew. They will be thankful for you helping them and they will want you to tell them your opinion all the time.

This can drain you of course but when you can accept this energy then you will see that it is more helpful than you knew.


Pay attention to the gifts that you have because this is something that can help you to understand your feelings and what you are going through.

Clairsentience is different for everyone that has this gift and it will affect you differently than it does other people. Remember that all of your gifts are unique and if you are struggling with your gift, learn to accept it.

The universe gives you these gifts as a blessing and even though they can sometimes feel like a curse, it can be exciting to see what the gifts can do for you and for those around you.

Talk to someone about what you are feeling and never feel upset about seeking help. Everyone has to have someone to talk to sometimes. You have been given this psychic gifting for a reason and you need to learn to embrace it and use it wisely.