Mystic Candle Blessing

Mystic Candle Blessing

Candles of different colors give unique healing powers.

The burning of candles for spiritual reasons is a practice that has been there since the old days.  I would like to share with you some of my candle blessings to use when meditating or praying.

White– the white candle signifies the highest level of consciousness. Protection, healing, and balance are represented by the burning of a white candle. I light a candle as a sign of acknowledgment, meaning I have received spiritual messages and guidance from your angels and spirit guides.

Orange- joy, connection, and creativity are represented by orange-colored candles. You will attract new people and resources in your life if you light an orange candle. If you wish to change careers or partnerships, I will light an orange candle for you.

Green- green color represents abundance and success. The energy of the mind, body, and spirit are balanced through it. It can be lit for fertility stimulation. If you want to get out of debt, I will light a green candle for you.

Purple- they help in inner peace development. It also signifies spirituality. Ancient wisdom believes that color purple has a connection with the third eye. It facilitates communication with those who have passed on when burned in a silver candle. If you want to receive information from your loved ones who died or wishing to be more open with your won psychic abilities, I will light a purple candle for you.

Blue- if you are looking for truth and guidance, this is the candle to light. If you need well being physically and emotionally I will light blue candles to send healing power of the spirit. It also helps in the healing of animals and planets.

Black- these are very powerful. They give you protection from negative and harmful situations. It can be helpful when going through a divorce. They become more effective when burnt with a white candle.

Pink- it represents devotion, love, and friendships. It encourages forgiveness. It symbolizes the purest form of love and is the universal color of love. If you desire more loving relationships in your life, I will light a pink candle for you.

Red- this is the color of passion. It stimulates vitality, energy, fertility, and personal power.

Brown- they are neutral. They give hope in uncertain moments. You can also use it to uncover lost particles. If you can’t find what you’ve lost or want to find something, I will light a brown candle for you.

Gold- it represents good fortune.  Gold candles when burned attracts positive cosmic influences and enhances communication with the universe.