How Empaths Navigate Love

How Empaths Navigate Love

Empaths are individuals who have such heightened senses they can not just interpret a person’s inner world, but they experience on a visceral level.  This can lead to some adventures in dating and romance.  If you are someone you care about may be an empath, here a few tips to make navigating love a bit easier.

  1. Intensity handling emotions

Empaths aren’t capable of ignoring or hiding feelings.  Because emotions are experienced so deeply it’s like a walking window inside their mindset.  Although not having to guess at what their feeling may be good, it can also be a lot for a potential partner to handle.  It is important to find a lover who views vulnerability as an asset and strives to constantly connect on emotional levels.

  1. Honesty is key!

Empaths can’t tolerate any type of BS.  Because of the talent to attune to another’s thoughts and feelings, deception is noticeable from miles away.  Empaths not just expect honesty, but demand it in all their relationships.

  1. Guided by instincts and intuition

Empath’s choices are governed by how something feels to them.  No matter how great something looks from the outside, if their guts senses anything is off, they will immediately course correct.  This is especially true in love.  No matter how attractive, smart and accomplished a suitor might be, if they come across as emotional unavailable or dishonest the date will instantly stop.

  1. Heartbreak is common

When one is quick to be vulnerable, they often experience heartbreak.  From the end of a friendship, a breakup, to world tragedy or injustice, empaths feel the fullness of life

  1. Empathic love is special and highly coveted

Empaths were sent to Earth to be beacon of hope and light.  This often leads to them being viewed as physically attractive, social magnets and intelligent.  If you happy to catch an empath’s attentions, consider yourself blessed because you just won the romantic lottery!

  1. Unwilling to settle

Although people are drawn to empaths, they are very careful about who they choose to bring into their lives.  Due to their openness and sensitivity they will opt to surround themselves with other people with kind and uplifting energy.  Also, because they are so attuned to their personal wants, needs and drives, they choose to focus their attention only on suitors with a clear sense of their identity and motivations.

  1. Healthy Communication Patterns are Essential!

There is a whole bustling community inside an empath’s mind.  Because of the intensity of their inner conversations, it is essential for an empath to have relationships with a foundation of healthy communication.  Advantageous patterns are centered on sharing perceptions, confirming instincts and ensure partners remain on similar pages.  It’s wonderful to be in a relationship with an empath because you’ll never be left in the dark about their feelings or experiences.

  1. Love is intense, but rewarding

Because empaths feel and experience things so deeply in love it can feel like life slows down and makes a partner feel like the center of the world.  This is especially true when it comes to physical romance.  Maintaining a sense of physical, emotional and spiritual connections to their lover is essential to any empath.

  1. Overwhelms easily

Absorbing the thoughts and feelings of others so readily and deeply is exhausting!  This means a tendency for empaths to retreat so that they can recharge.  It can be unpredictable how long a period of distance is needed, but feel confident in your empath’s loyalty that they will return when the situation has mellowed.

  1. Deep Seeded Wisdom

Empaths are frequently old souls that have harnessed wisdom throughout their previous lives.  Although they might have a history of trauma, it has only served to make them stronger and more committed to improving the lives of all beings.

  1. Be careful of burn out!

Because of the passion and care empath show to humanity, they run the risk of burned themselves out.  It is important for an empath to avoid falling into a codependent relationship, which will prevent both partners’ growth.  Instead make sure relationships are balance and each partner is responsible for their actions and expectations.

  1. Unique life purposes

Not all empaths are created equal!  Some empaths are highly sexual, while others are more reserved.  It is also important to recognize if the empath you care about has worked through (or working on) any emotional baggage in their life.  Empaths frequently experience PTSD, emotional dysregulations, addictions and health problems.  Learning from turmoil is essential to spiritual growth, but when not properly attended to can cause immense problems in romance.  Focus on cultivating relationships with empaths in a stable part of their life who help inspire you to embrace the fullness of life.