Signs You Are a Medium

Signs You Are a Medium

When you become a medium, chances are you want to develop your gifts and show people what you can do.  You will see that there are areas in your life that might not make sense to you, but you will realize that this is not a problem that you have or a disease, but it’s a gift.  When you see that this is a gift and you see that you have strong abilities, you will try to connect your friends and your family to what you can do and you will want to convince them.

If you experience something strange, it doesn’t mean you are crazy, it means that you are normal and that you are more than likely a medium with gifts.  You might notice that you are an empath and that you feel the feelings of others.

You will see that you pick up on emotions and that you can talk to the living people and the dead from the spirit world.  You don’t have to be a professional medium to have these feelings.  One type of ability can come when you are young and the other can come later in life.  It just matters if you are open or not.

If you wonder if you are medium, here are some signs:

  1. You have an interest in spirits.
  2. You walk into the room and can feel the emotions.
  3. You have a sense of a child or relative.
  4. You are afraid of the dark.
  5. You have vivid dreams.
  6. You have lucid dreams.
  7. You get woken up at night.
  8. You don’t sleep well.
  9. You like old buildings and creepy places.
  10. You see things like a shadow or figure out of the corner of your eyes.
  11. You have someone close to you that has died.
  12. You hear voices.
  13. You have a strong imagination.
  14. You have conversations with animals.
  15. You get energy for no reason.
  16. You hear strange noises.
  17. You don’t want to be alone.
  18. You don’t want to be alone at night.
  19. You feel that people or something is watching you.
  20. You have weird experiences.
  21. You can’t explain things that have happened to you.
  22. Lights and tv’s go out when you are around.
  23. You deliver words to the spirit world.
  24. You are nervous when you get too stimulated.
  25. You look to healers.


If you have any of these things happen to you then you probably are a medium.  You can feel the energy in the room, and you are very energetic.

Remember, you are not alone.  There are many people that experience these things, even from an early age.  They want to connect with the spirits, and they don’t talk about it because they are afraid of what people would say or that they will be seen as crazy.

This gift is being seen more and more and is coming more common.  It might not be easy at first, but let the gift grow on you.  This gift is beautiful and will grow on you.  Embrace it and live with it and let it help you to have a better life.

Open up yourself to your psychic gifts.  You can tell that you are having these gifts get stronger when you feel:

  • Spirits coming to you.
  • Sensitive stomach.
  • Lose your breath.
  • Hear music.
  • Sense that you have been to places before.

If you have felt any of those sensations you might know them to be stronger at places such as an antique store, hospitals or train stations.  This can be places that have more energies.

These senses can be empowering and you can sense the divine.  This can happen at your home and when someone dies.  This can be a feeling of a spirit close to you and it might be empowered by where you are.

If you have this gift, that is a good thing and you need to embrace it and use it for your good.