How Long Does it Take to Go Through a Spiritual Awakening?

How Long Does it Take to Go Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Many people wonder how long it takes to go through a spiritual awakening and the truth is that there is no real answer.

Many people will go through the awakening and it can cause different emotions, energies, and information. This can be painful and hard so many people wonder what they are going through and what this has to do with their life.

They will often wonder why the awakening has to be so intense and when it will end.


An awakening is a time free event and sometimes it happens right away while with others it takes time. This is a time where you are reaching an unparalleled event and a time when things will change. Things might seem to be at high speed, and this is where your awakening will begin.

Awakenings are unique for each person and they will be different for everyone. Some people have a fast awakening, and some will have a longer path. Many people will not be able to let go as fast and they will have to face the darkness until they find the sun.

Some will choose to hide from their awakening at first, making it take longer while others immediately have the self-care that they need and choose to not resist the inner change. Other people will have feelings of anger and sadness and this can determine how long the awakening takes.

Time and Meaning

Time has no real meaning when you talk about the spiritual world. Things come and go and time flows. While you are going through your awakening, you will see that you are learning lessons and that you are dealing with new things in your life.

You can set out boundaries and learn to protect yourself and know what you should do next. If you have had trauma in your life, remove it and learn to protect yourself.

Endless Loop

People who go through their awakening will have different levels of karma that they have to pass through. Some might have issues that need healed and others might have situations where they have to forgive others. You have to do the work and meet your needs so that you can embrace your spiritual awakening.

This is a time where you will be alive, where you can breathe better and have less pain. When you let go of your pain, you will have more energy that can help you to embrace your life with peace and happiness.

You cannot just live on hope. You are like a baby that is growing when you get through your awakening. You have to be careful with yourself so that you can learn to expand your energy. Do not sit around and give up on life. You have to learn to accept things and to let go of negative energy and bad karma.

The feelings of an awakening can make you feel like a victim and can make you have to experience the pain of your past, but this is a time of releasing.

There are different spiritual tools that you can use such as mediation and chanting. If these do not work, go to a psychic and get help from them.

Getting Stuck

Do not get stuck in your life. Things will come fast, and it will be feelings and things that you do not expect. There are tools that you can use for every situation in your life and it is up to you to become free. Learn to meditate and imagine things coming to you that are good. If you need to change your job, finances, or relationships, do it. Let things go that you do not need.

Your awakening will happen, and you need to take action. Meditate for peace and learn to love yourself and to love others. Begin building your life again and do it one step at a time. Get rid of fears and pain that is still inside of you.

Cycles and Shifts

Everyone goes through cycles and shifts they are just not always aware of them. There are ways that you can pay attention to life and see things differently. When big events happen in your life, learn to understand them, and focus on the outward things in your life. Focus on your work, your family and other things and learn how your life is changing. This is a natural thing and you can learn to let go of things that you do not need.


We are human beings and the awakening doesn’t mean that you will become a statue. You have to learn to build your life and to let go of things. Let the energy that is negative leave you and stop resisting change. Let your life become gentle and become deeply aware of what your life has for you.

Stop worrying about the changes that are coming. Do not let your ego take over and stop trying to predict the changes. Let the spirit guides help you and lead you down the right path.

The process will take as long as it needs to take. Do your part and create a space that can allow you to transform your life for the better.