Finding your life path

Finding your life path

Your life’s purpose may be located by finding your number according to numerology. First you add your date of birth from left to right. You will add each number individually straight across. You will round up to the nearest whole number so if you are a 3.5, you would actually be a 4.

This number reveals your life path. If you have a double number this means you have  double the responsibility. Your life path will change with each of your lifetimes. You may incur some karmic debt along the way, these are most likely to have paths with double numbers.  Don’t let karmic debt hold you back, as each life comes with free will.

You can also transfer names by using Pythagorean numerology. This means that you change your numbers if you change your name.  This is difficult to explain in words, but you can find videos or charts to guide you on the internet if you are unable to locate a numerologist in your area.

Here is a sample of how your number and life path line up:

  • The pioneer, a person with this number will be independent and single minded. They may also be aggressive and/or controlling. They are trailblazers and can be heroic.
  • This is the peacemaker of the numbers. They balance out everyone else and have a calming influence. They can be charming and magnetic but may also be shy and indecisive
  • This is the artist of the group. They are both logical and imaginative but can be childish and surprisingly skeptical.
  • Number fours are the builders. They are big on security and are stable, fair and good teammates. They can also be stubborn and unwavering in their beliefs
  • Fives are associated with freedom. They can be rebellious, but are free thinking. They have a good work ethic and may avoid emotional commitments.
  • Six is a visionary who is also a great believer in love. They are wise and caring and sometimes they take on the worries of others.
  • Seven belongs to the wisdom seeker. They are natural teachers and work well with animals and children. They can be obstinate and incredibly private.
  • The boss of the party is the number eight. They are strong and business like. They associate with success but can be materialistic.
  • This is an old soul. They are generous and compassionate and can help others heal. The downside to his number is their belief that they know everything and can dominate any situation.

If you get a double 11 you will be inspiring and may have your own psychic powers. You may also be nervous and insecure.  If you are 22, you will be disciplined and a great planner, however, you may also be stubborn and close yourself off. Thirty-threes on the life path are healers and are courageous as well as outspoken. The downside to this is you can often forget to look after yourself.

Just as life brings change, so will the numbers. Remember that nothing is truly set in stone and while you may have the tendency to lean towards one or another personality type, you do have free will and if you have any questions you can always consult a psychic advisor.