Are Your Dreams Real?

Are Your Dreams Real?

Have you ever dreamed when you were a child and went to your parents’ room because you were scared and felt the dream was real?  Have you ever had them tell you that it was just a dream?  These people made you feel better and made you feel safe.

This is one of the biggest reasons that people do not pay attention to their dreams.  They feel that they are not real or that they are not important because we think that they are just a dream.  We want to know more about things that we live in and things we can touch and things we can talk to but we forget that we need to look inside for these things too.

When we sleep, we go into a different realm that gives us dreams and images.  These dreams can help us to balance ourselves and can help us to be healthy and have good wellbeing.


People are spiritual beings and have both essence and matter.  We have a flesh and bones, but we also have a soul and a mind.  This is the part of us that brings love and feelings.

When we have loss or pain, we look at our soul and we deny ourselves and the dark side of our lives so that we do not have to suffer or had hardships.

The figures that we have in our dream represents different parts of ourselves.  This is not limited to any particular time, but it can be any part of your life.  You can be a mom or a dad or a little boy all at the same time.  There are different people living in you called personas.  If you dream about an encounter with a person, you are dreaming about something inside of you.

Remember all of these people and places that you dream of and write them down so you can remember them after you are awake.  The symbols can be significant in your dreams.  If you dream about vacation or a black car or a house with many doors, it can unlock certain parts inside of us.

What about bad dreams?  Don’t worry, these dreams are not real, but they are symbolic figures that represent parts of ourselves that we don’t like.   The more we try to ignore them the more they will come in your dreams.

Dreams help us by understanding ourselves in a more honest way.

Common Dreams

Losing a tooth is one dream that you might have had.  This can come when you are seeing change such as breaking up with someone or changing jobs.

Falling-this is a dream that happens when you are frustrated or overwhelmed.  Take care of yourself when you are having these dreams.

People you recognize-if you dream about someone, this can be parts of yourself such as what kind of friend you are or if you are humble.

Flying-flying can represent being happy or doing something new.

Losing someone-If we lose someone and are afraid, we will not find them then you need to pay attention to the energy inside of you.

Being chased-this type of dream can show part of your life that is not resolved.  This can mean you are ignoring something that you need to take charge of and stop ignoring it.

Being killed-this can be a confusing dream but don’t worry it doesn’t mean you will die.  This dream can refer to a symbolic death or something that is slipping away in your life.  This can be a good thing for you so that you can start new.

Being naked-if you dream about being naked, you might be symbolizing that you are hiding things from people.  Don’t be ashamed to show who you really are.

Water-water can be that you are exploring your inner self or your psyche.


Enjoy these dreams and embrace them.  Write them down so you can remember them and take note of what is going on in your dreams to help yourself in life.