The Spiritual Awakening Process

The Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness with an initiation into the expanded sense of awareness with cosmic intelligence that transcends fear. Confusion and the lies of the physical world will fade as you reconnect with the higher consciousness and have a full realization of both love and peace that exists in every moment. This path is two fold, including both deconstruction of the lower self and construction of the spiritual centers so you can see the higher worlds.

Spiritual awakening is a paradigm shift that is difficult to explain. It is truly life changing. In many ways, when you awaken spiritually, it is like waking from a dream and realizing the experience was real and vivid, but was actually illusion. Once awakened, this clarity makes you realize that there is much more than the dream world. Spiritual awakening is not waking from a dream, but a set of beliefs, illusions, and distortions that make up reality. To clarify what this waking means, remember it is not the be all end all, but it is the tipping point of spiritual development. It is an initiation into the process of living fully awakened.

Many people see spiritual awakening as the goal when it is only the beginning. There is always further to go and more to be revealed. The innermost core of is your Truth. The process of becoming awakened is life changing as you align with cosmic intelligence to view reality through an enlightened lens. You can live with a sense of connection to the higher self and higher consciousness. It also reveals your psychic gifts and abilities.

How It Works

Spiritual awakenings are individualized experiences, but ironically a big part is waking up to your connection to the one and the greater all. The individualized aspect is the embarking on the path of realization that no one can do it for you. This can only happen through your own mind, body, and spirit. This is not a one time event, but continual. Awakening is a walk through divinely guided freedom while realigning free will as you remember you are a spiritual being of love, truth, and freedom. You are becoming free from layers of illusion and choosing to see what is really true. Though it can feel challenging in the journey, it is not meant to be a challenge. However, the catalysts for waking you up can be painful.

In addition, when the illusions of the cultural dream are being crushed, further challenges are presented. This is a normal struggle to let go of the illusion, but one that can stop many people from continuing. At this time, humanity is undergoing a spiritual awakening. People are expecting a profound change. This involves realizing from deep within that separation, beliefs, limitations, and the typical models of happiness and success are all rooted in lies. This is a highly personal process.

Awakening does not progress in a linear fashion, but more of a spiral. You will continually come back to a truth to learn it goes deeper than expected. You progress by crystallizing divine intelligence into your sense organs and awaken to deeper levels and clearer perceptions. This will help reveal your life purpose. Without awakening, you may stay stuck in the illusions of the material world. As you awaken, you see through the illusion and recognize external things cannot bring fulfillment, happiness, or success. Spiritual awakening can be effortless if you are willing to let go. It is a beautiful and powerful time. It can be difficult to explain.

Spiritual awareness is defined in different ways. Some see it as the moment you open your heart to the creator of your soul, while others say it is when you drop your limiting beliefs and find your true self. It is a moment of transcendence that takes presence, practice, and commitment that touches all life areas. It changes the way you move through the world with an inner sense of peace to govern your actions.

When you begin to awaken, you start to understand how things work and feel the flow that runs through life. You become tapped into the energy of the universe and intuition will grow. It only takes a moment, but this can vary between people. These moments are powerful and the shift may last only that moment or for a few days. Anyone can do this, but once it happens you must stabilize the transcendence by tuning into your heart center with a quiet mind in the presence. It is a beautiful experience, but can feel like an emotional roller coaster.

Triggering Awakening

If you are experiencing the spiritual awakening process it is because your path led you there. We all have free will to choose our experiences, but each will eventually lead us back to our path, we just choose the way we travel. We are far more than physical beings, yet prior to life we pass through a veil of illusion and forgetfulness. Waking up and remembering is just a new beginning. Our soul triggers the awakening process. However, life experiences set the stage, peeling back the illusion.

There are many signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, only a small selection will be shared here, but there are many more that you are moving in the right direction.

  • Experiencing unconditional love
  • Standing in your truth
  • Releasing defining labels
  • Inner peace
  • Thriving
  • Understanding the suffering of humanity
  • Heightened sense of presence
  • Inner stillness
  • A lack of interest in looking outside yourself for completion
  • An expanded sense of identity

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Though fatigue, disconnection, and anxiety can be caused by many things, these are also spiritual awakening symptoms. If they arise, stay present, breathe, and do not become attached, but release the distractions to allow energy to flow freely with divine love, presence, and warmth as an anchor. This is just the start, not the end of the journey. Move forward one step at a time. There are four basic stages.

  • Wake-Up Call – This comes in many forms, often through a loss or crisis that is unexpected and immobilizing. This may send you into survival mode, but when the wake-up call reaches you, you are tossed into a time of seeking, learning, and discovering. Understand what you have tapped into.
  • Creation – As you quest for more information, you realize it cannot be learned in books or through teachers. You can only find what you need in yourself. This will first manifest as the ability to see beauty and grace as it unfolds in your life. In this stage, you can see the perfection in all things without a need to label them as right or wrong.
  • Connection – This is a time of unity and duality as some things come and go, but an essential something is always present. You are firmly grounded in the connection to your higher self. Things are no longer obstacles, but simple events that come and go. Thinking and feelings continue, but letting go is easier.
  • Integrating Your Truth – This is when your experience is more stabilized and constant. This is a time of joy because you are so connected. People will notice a vibrancy and peace because you are residing in “awake”.

Though you may not fully understand what is happening, you will realize it is a spiritual awakening. You are not alone and should continue to access your inner light and wisdom. Life will take on a magical feel. It is not an easy path, but it is worth it. You are aligning with your higher purpose. It is a step by step process, so do not rush it, be gentle and patient with yourself.