Enjoy Being Single On Christmas

Enjoy Being Single On Christmas

         Winter holiday feel so romantic isn’t? Well… that is if you’re in a relationship, but if you’re single during the holidays, it can be easy to feel left out. And there’s always those dreaded questions about your love life at the holiday table. You may be wondering if it’s even possible to enjoy this time of year if you’re single. Well, yes! You can enjoy the holidays if you know how. Here are five ways to do it!

1. Enjoy the Fact That You’ve Never Settled
You know what’s worse than being single during the holidays? Settling for a partner just so you don’t have to spend the holidays alone. But, isn’t having someone better? Absolutely not. If you want happiness and real satisfaction, you need to be with someone who’s vibes mix well with yours. If you’re single during the holidays because you refuse to settle for someone who isn’t your soulmate, you’re celebrating right!

2 Enjoy the Fact That You’re Learning a Lesson
As a single person, you have two choices: You can choose to enjoy being single, or you can choose to hate every second of it. But before you make your choice, know that people who choose to enjoy being single feel more relaxed, happy, and open-minded. That’s because they choose to focus on what’s great about being single. They may like the fact that they can come and go as they please, have no one else to answer to or consider, and don’t need someone else to make them feel confident and secure. If you’re single during the holidays, this is an opportunity for you to learn how to be a happy single person.

3. Enjoy the Fact That You Don’t Need a Relationship to Get What You Need
All the things that people value in a romantic relationship can still be had sans relationship. You probably have good friends, a caring neighbor or close family members who already support you, so there’s no need to feel down because you are single during the holidays. Lucky you!

4. Enjoy the Fact That You Can Connect With Other People
Ever feel lonely during winter? That feeling can make you want to hibernate until you feel better. But loneliness is not a pain you can heal with time.You must heal it with effort. To associate loneliness with being single is a shame because being single has more to do with the quality of your current connections. If you feel lonely, that means you appreciate connecting with other people, and that should become your goal for the holiday. Get out and work off some of that eggnog at your local gym, take a class (yoga, etc.) or attend a lecture. Feeling lonely is one problem that you can do something about. So surround yourself with as many friends and activities as you possibly can.

5. Enjoy the Fact That You Get to Customize 2018 
If there are no romantic prospects in your near future, then focus on the life you want to live in 2018. You can live how you want and do as you please. You can pursue your dream without anyone slowing you down. The only thing stopping you is your fear or any other limitations you put on yourself. So, use this holiday season to decide what you really want out of life and make some plans to start pursuing your dreams.