Find Out if You’re Intuitive

Find Out if You’re Intuitive

Do you wonder if you are intuitive and you would like to know what level of spirituality you are at? Do you want to learn how to tap into this energy and how to use it? Here are some ways that you can find out if you are intuitive or not:

Telephone Game

If you have ever been sitting there and you start thinking of someone and then a few minutes later they call you, this can mean you are intuitive.

Maybe the phone will ring, and you will know who is calling you. This is a sign that you are intuitive and that you are able to know what is happening before it even happens.

Write down when this happens so you can keep track of it.

Checking Out

If you find that you are in line at the store and you begin to feel bad or upset but you don’t know why, chances are your intuition is wanting to tell you something. If you notice that you were fine just a few minutes before but then all of a sudden, you feel upset, chances are that you are picking up the emotions of other people around you.

Another thing that can happen is that you can pick up the thoughts of people. This can be confusing at first, but you have to learn to determine which thoughts are your and which are someone else’s. If you listen and pay attention to what is going on around you, you can learn to differentiate between the two and see your intuition working.


If you are an empath it means that you will feel the feelings of those around, you. But the great thing is that you can know what feelings you have and learn to understand the feelings of others.

Imagine that you are in a box and that you are completely surrounded by it. You can see through the box, but you cannot push your own energy out of the box and the energy of others cannot get inside. This is a place that you are safe.

When you are feeling the energy of others, imagine the box protecting you and learn to do this often.


When you are driving in the car and you hear a voice that tells you to do something, do it. Listen to what your intuition is telling you. This is to keep you safe and to protect you from making bad choices or from getting into some kind of trouble.


Have you ever been somewhere, and you saw a light flash before you but did not see anything there? You might wonder if it was part of your imagination. Chances are you were connecting with a spirit.

This might feel scary, but it isn’t. Your spirit guides are there to help you and protect you and so you need to embrace these things.


If you hear voices in your head, do not feel crazy or think you are losing it. Your spirit guides can connect with you by speaking to you. Listen to the messages that the voices are giving you.


Another important way that your spirit guides can connect with you is through your dreams. If you have a dream that wakes you up and you cannot get it off of your mind, write it down. Or maybe you had a dream and you just kept thinking of it and then you turned on the news and your dream had come true.

This kind of dreaming is called premonition dreaming. Some dreams are there to tell you things that will happen in the future. Always record your dreams in a journal and see what happens with them.

Set your intentions before you go to bed and tell your higher self that you want to be able to dream and to know what they mean.


When you understand your intuition, it can help you. Even if this feels scary at first, learn to love it and trust yourself and your spirit guides to help you. The more you can trust yourself, the more you can give into your senses and you can see this gifting grow.

If you have questions, you can talk to a psychic and they can help you to find balance. You should never be afraid of your giftings, but you should embrace it and surrender to it. Remember, intuition is a gift from the universe to you.