Learn to Develop Your Intuition

Develop Your Intuition

Just like every other psychic gift that you have, you can develop your intuition rather you are just starting, or you are advanced in your gifts.

Everyone has some intuition in their lives, but some are better at their skills than others. When you think about intuition, you have to know that there are layers that are sometimes blocking your growth.

The main thing about developing your intuition is that you pay attention to the gift and you have a good intention.

What is Intention?

Most people say no to intuition and they don’t even know it. If you want to develop this gift, it is time for you to say no and to let go of the inner blockages that are keeping you from developing it. You may have to change your routine or your diet and change your way of thinking but soon you will see that your restlessness in life will subside.

Maybe you have seen that you have been called by something and you have been ignoring it. Now is the time to say yes and to let your intuition come into your life and develop it by moving forward and having joy.

Intuition is a natural thing and you do not have to work hard to find the gift of this.


Pay attention to what is going on in your life. Intuition is something that is in you but sometimes people put it in the background and ignore it. When you learn to pay more attention, you will see that you can increase your intuition and integrate it in everything in your life.


Take time each day to journal your dreams and your ideas. This can help you to pay attention to your intuition and where life brings you. This also helps you to:

  • Figure out how to listen to your intuition.
  • See if your intuition is correct.
  • Learn to value yourself and trust who you are.

If you don’t know how to start communicating with your intuition, one thing you can do is to be thankful for the things you have. Once you are thankful, you will open up yourself to learning new things.

Find out what insights you have and what your intuition has already done for you. Do not base your thinking on logic but base it on what is going on around you. Look at you’re journaling and see what you have done each month.


Another way that you can improve your intuition is to go out to nature. Go out and figure out yourself and let yourself go. Here are some things you can do:

  • Figure out what you are facing in your life and how you can balance yourself.
  • Focus on the questions you have and then let them go.
  • Go outside and be part in nature.
  • Take time to rest and meditate.
  • Pay attention to what your intuition is asking you.

You can ask yourself any question and you can focus on your question when you are meditating. This can come to you later in your dreams.

Find a Friend

People want to be together and to learn from each other. Find someone in your family and your friends to talk to about things you have experienced. Speak about your intuition and do not be afraid.

Try some of these activities and see how they help you:

  • Read a book with someone and then discuss it.
  • Share out of your intuition journal.
  • Find jokes that have intuition themes.
  • Share inspirational stories.

Guidelines for Development

If you have a hard time developing your intuition at the beginning, pay attention to your attitude and your emotions. Learn to separate yourself and to do things that are purposeful.

Your intuition will be there at different times and in different forms. It can come to you as signs or in dreams. Meditate and see what you get and see what kind of signs you get.

Always be positive and honor your intuition when given the chances.

Works with Love

Intuition is there to help you with things that you love. Imagine your intuition being a light to you. Find things that you love such as your children or your family. You may even use intuition with your job or other areas that you love.

Real Problems

Intuition is there to help you through things that are real and hard. Good intuition will be tested, and you will learn to put a meaningful explanation to this.


When your intuition is working, it will give you messages. This doesn’t mean that you do everything your messages say right away but take time to think them through and to make sense of them.

If someone calls you and gives you a message, think it over and see what kind of experiences you can get from the phone call. Invite action to your intuition and make sure you change your attitude and beliefs, and you stop doubting or being negative.

Ethical Concerns

Follow your ethical guidelines when developing your intuition such as:

  • Using it for yourself and not for others.
  • Setting boundaries and be careful what information you give to other people.
  • Always use common sense when you are getting a message, make sure you are safe.
  • Question the actions that your intuition gives you and suggest different possibilities if you need to.

Intuition is not magic, and it can help you through things in your life, but you need to always be smart about what you do.


Increasing and developing your intuition is important and you can do this by paying attention to what life is showing you. Pay attention in your life, love, and career.

Remember that you can interpret your own intuition but always use common sense and make sure that it is a positive change in your life.