What Happens When You Go Through Your Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening

When you reach your spiritual journey, you know what is inside of you and you learn to figure out who you are and what your purpose in life is about.

You can figure out your true nature. A spiritual journey is not a path that you move from one place to another but instead, you are always moving in different directions and places to figure out what and who you are.

Even though other people talk about a spiritual awakening being like hiking, you are not going up and down a mountain or on a journey but instead you are going left and right, up, and down, in circles and all over the place.

The way that you go through your journey helps you to learn new things and helps you to go in and out of traps and to become a master of your own destiny.

Chances are that you will feel excited and then you might feel depressed. When you take some steps forward, you will take some steps backward. No matter what path you are on, you are constantly learning new things and figuring out who you are.

You are constantly growing, and you will always see that your life is changing right in front of you.

Awakening Test

There are different stages that you will go through on your spiritual awakening and the different paths that you go on will be different learning stages that can help you through your life.

No matter what is going on in your life, you need to understand what you are going through so that you can know what to expect next.

Each stage that you go through will be different and there is no stage that is going to be a better stage or a harder stage, but all stages are equal and needed in order for you to go through your awakening.

The path of awakening is both forward and backwards and you learn the value of these steps as you go through them.

Never feel that you are limited in your awakening by the stages that you go through and even if you have to repeat a stage, take this as a valuable learning lesson.

Spiritual Awakening

Here are some things that can help you through your spiritual awakening:

  • It will bring you peace and help you to find freedom and wholeness.
  • You will find that the hurt that you experienced in life was there to help you see that you were sleeping in your spirituality.
  • Your path will help you to see what you need to change.
  • Growth will come.
  • It can be both painful and easy and you may never know what stage you are going to reach next.
  • Your growth will take place in all aspects of your life.


If you are seeking to grow and you want to go through your awakening, know that you can better yourself during each stage. Do not get frustrated and give up on yourself but keep pushing until you become the best version of yourself.