When You Feel Unloved

When You Feel Unloved

When you feel that no one loves you, it will cause you to have envy and to be burnt out on life.  It is okay that you feel bad when this happens, but you have to learn to control these feelings.

Everyone wants to be loved and this is something that is almost as important as eating or breathing.  This is a need that is real for everyone,

When you feel unloved, you don’t think that you matter to anyone and this is a deprivation that is like being without water.  You can only survive if you have food and water and the way that you survive in your emotions is similar to that.

When you feel that no one loves you, you will find that you are imperfect and incomplete.  You will see that love is the only thing that will make you happy and you will come to the idea that you are unloved and that you are not going to meet someone that cares about you. Or, you will get with someone and the relationship will fail because you are afraid of needing them.

When you love out of emotional deprivation, it cause you to only love people that will give to you and because you have expectations that are set too high, they will not be able to meet them and you will always end up being disappointed.  When you feel someone doesn’t love you, it could mean that you have a hard time bonding

Maybe you have things inside that have caused you to want to isolate yourself and maybe you have a hard time keeping a relationship alive.  When you feel lonely and hurt, this can cause emotional pain.


Sometimes you feel that you are unloved because you don’t like yourself.  You have low self-esteem and you learn that you cannot love who you are so no one can love you.

Not being able to love yourself is not your fault.  You don’t want to be that way and it is like it comes out of nowhere and then you are unhappy.  One of the reasons that we cannot love ourselves I because we are given false hope by people that were in our lives like our parents or other caregivers.  They made you feel unworthy and you needed to be accepted and have attention that you didn’t get.

You believe that this means you are unlovable because the people that we loved the most did not love us back.  Maybe we learned not to love ourselves because people were mean to us and expected too much.

How Do We Fix This?

When we are in emotional deprivation, we lack affection.  We can come to the idea that we don’t want to live a life like this.  The problem is it isn’t easy to get out of these feelings.  How do you make someone love you?

The feeling that no one loves you is a deep feeling, and this can come from unforgiveness for others.  This can cause us to be angry with other people.  This also comes from not forgiving ourselves because we don’t feel that we deserve it.  There is nothing wrong with you and you are not useless or unworthy.

Fixing It

You have to show yourself that you are in need of affection and stop pushing people away.  You have to learn to love yourself in order to love others.  You have to get to the point where you want to be around other people and they want to be around you.

You have to get better social skills and learn to communicate with people.  You have to practice this and learn to break the barriers that you have put up.  You have to learn to get and give affection in order to pull out of the slump you are in.