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Learn to Develop Your Intuition

Just like every other psychic gift that you have, you can develop your intuition rather you are just starting, or you are advanced in your gifts. Everyone has some intuition in their lives, but some are better at their skills than others. When you think about intuition, you have to know that there are layers that are sometimes blocking your growth. The main thing about developing your intuition is...[Read More]

Getting Rid of Negative Energy that Causes Self-Sabotaging

Some spiritual traditions find that there has to be guidelines in order to have mind and body healing. Some of these ideas work with a person’s regular medication but can also help to work with the body, mind, and soul to make it healthy. Spiritual traditions have rules and work towards people finding wholeness and well-being so that they can have a strong soul. Some people warn you of the dangers...[Read More]

Ways to Raise Your Energetic Vibrations and Safeguard Against Negativity

People’s energy can fluctuate wildly throughout the day.  It can be a chore to purge ourselves of negativity.  Sadly, individuals can often fully withdraw to protect themselves.  Instead, work to establish energetic boundaries as if you were placing locks on the doors to your soul.  Thus, energies are kept separate from you, until you choose to let them in. It is important to understand the impact...[Read More]

Making a Wish with Your Zodiac

Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves and they want to do what they can to reach their goals and to become better inside. Most people want to be in better shape, have better finances, love, kindness, patience, a better career, and some want to have children. People want to be the best that they can be, but the problem is this takes a lot of work and is never easy. There is power in t...[Read More]

Angel Color and Lights

The colors of the rainbow give us happiness and show us beauty of the universe. There are lights that are refracted into light that can cause the rainbow colors to show up when the sun is out. There are rays that represent the angels and the way that they work in the lives of others. When you think about angels that work with different colors, you see that you can talk to them and ask them to help...[Read More]

Find Out if You’re Intuitive

Do you wonder if you are intuitive and you would like to know what level of spirituality you are at? Do you want to learn how to tap into this energy and how to use it? Here are some ways that you can find out if you are intuitive or not: Telephone Game If you have ever been sitting there and you start thinking of someone and then a few minutes later they call you, this can mean you are intuitive....[Read More]

How Long Does it Take to Go Through a Spiritual Awakening?

Many people wonder how long it takes to go through a spiritual awakening and the truth is that there is no real answer. Many people will go through the awakening and it can cause different emotions, energies, and information. This can be painful and hard so many people wonder what they are going through and what this has to do with their life. They will often wonder why the awakening has to be so ...[Read More]

A Message from You Deceased Pet

Losing a beloved pet is tough, but it is also a natural part of life. Like most people who have lost a special pet, you may want to receive a message from your pet that has crossed over. Animal communicators often have the opportunity to be with a pet in the stages of dying, sometimes during and even after. They can help us learn about the animal in this experience and that fact that animals want ...[Read More]


When you are clairsentient it means you sense things in the psychic realm. You have clear feelings and you are able to sense the energies of people around you. Everyone has psychic gifts and some people do not even realize it. Some of the biggest gifts are clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance and psychometry. Those that have psychic gifts can help others to understand the energy world and ...[Read More]

The Spiritual Awakening Process

Spiritual awakening is a shift in consciousness with an initiation into the expanded sense of awareness with cosmic intelligence that transcends fear. Confusion and the lies of the physical world will fade as you reconnect with the higher consciousness and have a full realization of both love and peace that exists in every moment. This path is two fold, including both deconstruction of the lower s...[Read More]

Cosmic Information

Universal signs can come to people by higher powers and this is cosmic information that can help you along your paths. The more attention you pay to what is happening around the world, the more will happen. Life is not full of coincidences and people need to understand that the universe will work on your own reaction, but the plan does not. Cosmic information comes to you through your energy field...[Read More]

How Empaths Navigate Love

Empaths are individuals who have such heightened senses they can not just interpret a person’s inner world, but they experience on a visceral level.  This can lead to some adventures in dating and romance.  If you are someone you care about may be an empath, here a few tips to make navigating love a bit easier. Intensity handling emotions Empaths aren’t capable of ignoring or hiding feelings.  Bec...[Read More]