Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

Twin Flame

Experiencing the life changing magic of love can blind you to the any red flags that may exist. We can get so lost in feelings, passion, and emotion that everything swirls together and the red flags are hidden under all the good that is present in the beginning of a relationship. You may feel like you are floating in the clouds while remaining totally unaware of any questionable behaviors your new partner possesses. Knowing that this is a possibility, it may be hard to trust you have met the right person. However, there are a few things, that if present in your relationship, point to the idea that you have truly met your twin flame. These will be shared below.

Absolute ‘Knowing’ Feeling

It would be wonderful if there was some test or a device that would show with certainty that you have found your soul’s partner, it basically comes down to self-awareness. There is an age old saying that states, “you know when you know” and this is highly applicable to assessing whether someone is the one for you. Trust your intuition.

Felt You Recognized Them

When you first encounter your twin flame, it will not feel like when you have met other potential mates. You may have an instant attraction that goes beyond the physical. It may feel like you are coming home and you are instantly comfortable. You may not feel the need to put on a show with all the bells and whistles like you do with other partners because this one likes you just as you are without the extra.

Mirroring to Overcome Issues

A true twin flame will help you grow. They will not let you move through life without this. While this focus on self-improvement may feel exhausting at first, you will both benefit from the pushing of one another. As they are pushing you to grow, you will also push them in the same way, even if it is in different areas.

Connection That is Magnetic, Divine, and Psychic

When your soul’s eternal partner comes into your life, you will start to feel all the connections from past lives. You will sense the journeys you have taken together, growth that has already been accomplished, and all the lessons learned. It will become effortless to be totally transparent with this person who wants you to be genuine.

A Higher Purpose

This is possibly the most important sign of meeting a twin flame. The main purpose of the twin flame connection is someone who has met you in this life to help you both move toward spiritual awakening and illumination together. Things will suddenly become clear after all the uncertainty and hard work you have endured. The connection with a twin flame is extremely special and souls will sometimes wait lifetimes to experience this. If you connect with the signs above, then you have likely already met your twin flame. Enjoy the time together.