How to Let Go of Soul Contracts

How to Let Go of Soul Contracts

There is difference between duality and separation, and this is all part of humanity. You may know that there are different kinds of energies and different kinds of soul contracts.

The soul contracts can be deleted for individual people and for groups of people. They way that you get a soul contract is not really understood sometimes but there are people that are spiritual that have volunteered experiments of soul contracts and even years later, they are held to those contracts.

Once you have an energy contract, you can be stuck in that contract even if you don’t know about it.

If you get pulled into a soul contract or tricked into it, you are the one that agreed to it and either way you are bound to it.

This is the same as other contracts such as business contract, government contracts and more. These contracts form and it causes people to be stuck in some type of situation.

When you have soul contracts, you will see that you form a prison for yourself. This is something that everyone has experienced because everyone has had contracts. This can end up with you having things happen to you such as:

  • Becoming poor.
  • Seeing wars happening.
  • Being hungry and never having enough food.
  • Having a physical illness.
  • Having a mental illness.

These are just a few things that soul contracts can cause because they are negative energies that we have agreed upon. We allow them to come into our being and they cause us to experience different things.

Everyone enjoys having a body because this allows them to do things such as to feel things, to be able to touch things and to experience a wide variety of physical experiences.

We have been a slave to contracts for a long time and when you agree to an experiment, you can get into situations that have to do with different gods or kings such as:

  • Archonts
  • Anu
  • Marduk
  • Enki
  • Ra
  • Ninkursagh
  • Annunaki

There are different contracts that shape the way that you live and the prison that you get into. If you are in poverty, this happened because you allowed the banking system to be against you and the corruption of what it is.

As long as you allow things to come into the earth, the contracts can end with war and other things. This is something that the government and other people have agreed to. People are bound to things when they are born.

Medical science, for example, allows people to have diseases. This can be a contract that you make, and the doctors are not able to heal you because they don’t understand the energy system. The energy system can cause people to have diseases such as cancer, dementia, depression and more.

Everyone is living in a place where there are computers. There are ways that you can delete things in your life and how you can find healing.

People have come very far and once you reach your higher self; you will be able to fight against karmic contracts and more.