Making a Wish with Your Zodiac

Making a Wish with Your Zodiac

Everyone wants to be a better version of themselves and they want to do what they can to reach their goals and to become better inside. Most people want to be in better shape, have better finances, love, kindness, patience, a better career, and some want to have children.

People want to be the best that they can be, but the problem is this takes a lot of work and is never easy. There is power in the wishes that you make and what you desire in your heart. You can ask the zodiac what your wish sign is and what your wish should be when you look at your sign. Make sure to read the moon and sun sign to understand your life more.

Dream Job


The Aries is a Ram sign and they want to rule everything int heir life. They are able to lead people and to boss people and are good at all they do. This is a confident sign that can take challenges head on. One great job could be a firefighter or a police officer, race car driver or even a business owner.


The Taurus is a secure sign and wants to be strong in their finances. They are dependable and responsible in their actions, but they are also stubborn. Being a bull means they want to reach their dreams. Some jobs for them might be a cook, writer, singer or even an accounting job.


This sign likes to communicate with others, and they like to hear what others want in life. The Twins might wish they had a job working with others in public relations, announcing the radio or a master of ceremonies.


The Cancer is a comforting sign and loves to help others. The Crab wants to care for those that are sick or need help getting back strong. Their happies jobs could be a doctor, nurse, teacher, therapist, counselor, or an empath.


This is a sign that most people love. They are generous and happy with what they do. They like to be the center of attention. The Lion would be great at being a movie actor, a filmmaker, or a theater performer so that they could be the center of attention.


This sign likes to feel that they are doing things right and that can mean a lot of planning. They like to do hands on work and would be great as a scientist, a strategist, a healer, or an accountant.


The Libra loves for things to be peaceful and balanced. They like things that are fair, and they are giving of themselves. This Vesuvian would be great as a makeup artist, a counselor, decorator or even a therapist.


The Scorpio wants someone that will love them and be kind to them. They are strong in their psychic senses and they are helpful for others. They want to see people succeed and they would make a good life coach, actor, or even private investigator.


This sign loves to be free and loves to go places and be part of meanings. They are optimistic and helpful to others. They love to travel and feel free. A great career for the Archer would be an astronaut, traveler, horse trainer or a teacher.


The sign that loves to fulfill their life is the Capricorn. They want to be rewarded in what they do, and they work hard to reach their goals. Dream jobs for this sign could be an engineer, business owner or even a banker.


The Aquarius is a strong sign and will not compromise what they want in life. They like to say what they want and believe in what they believe in. A great job for this sign could be a speaker, artist, motivation list or a philanthropist.


The Pisces dreams big and wants to work hard to reach their desires. They are interested in many different things. This sign would be great as a dancer, musician, photographer, or an interior decorator.

Chasing Dreams

Never give up on your dreams. Fight hard for what you want in life and reach it. Set goals and make sure that you accomplish your goals. You are never too old or too young to go after what you desire in your life.

If you are confused at what you want, look at your sign and calculate your natal chart so that you can figure out more about your past, present and future.